University of Rochester accelerated bachlors program


I know there were a few messages about people being accepted but I was just wondering if anyone is def going to be attending the UofR this summer to next may for the accelerated program?


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I most definetly will be attending...although I'm a little iffy on how to pay for it.


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I will be there for sure. Still working out the financial logistics though.


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Hey!! I will be there this May as well! I am very excited to get started. Has anyone heard about scholarships yet?


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Hey Alli, I don't think I'm allowed to send a PM yet, but I would like some more info on the living situation you have going on. If you want to send me your e-mail address or just keep sending PM's that would be great.

I'm still waiting to hear back about the scholarships too. I called the school a week ago and they said I was too early for that kind of stuff. Does anyone know how long it takes to get a private loan? The financial aid office told me it should be relatively easy, but I have about 5 weeks before I make the big move and I kind of need to plan ahead.


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I will definetely be there. I talked to financial aid recently and they said there should not be any problems with taking out loans if we need to.


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Has 5 years experience.

Hi all, I know this is an old post but I'm wondering if anyone out there could answer some questions from a newly admitted U of R student (me!). I was accepted to their master's entry program (FNP track) beginning May 2010. As you know, the first year you spend getting your BSN. Years two and three you complete your masters. My concern is that I'd actually like to take a year off after completing the BSN and try to work at Strong or Highland so that I can complete the masters portion at a discounted rate or free because the cost of doing the program all at once is very high...Has anyone out there done this or know someone who has? Among other things, I'm wondering how difficult this is to do and how long it takes to finish the MSN considering you are working...

THANKS for any insight!!!

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