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Hello all Oregon Nurses!

Does anyone know anything about the University of Portland traditional BSN program? Is it well-known in the area and does it produce well-prepared nurses? I was also looking into their Providence Scholarships, where students commit three years of work at a Providence hospital in exchange for full tuition reimbursment. Is this a good or bad idea?

Thanks so much,

Michelle :)


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if you enroll in Providence's tuition payment program, do you get a decent per hour pay ontop of that?


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I attended and graduated from the U of P in 1995. So naturally, I am a little that time I would say that the program produced well-prepared nurses. Perhaps, they "over-prepared" us for the entry level positions available. In my experience, the positions available upon graduation did not require leadership, autonomy and assesment skills that I learned. I know that our class had a high pass rate for the NCLEX. I have never had a problem getting any position that I have sought. Regarding the Providence scholarships...I will have to say that I absolutely loathe Med-surg (I even did a rotation at Providence:chuckle ) and I wonder how willing you are to accept to a position that you may dislike? Now if you are willing to "suck it up" for the 3 years and you have checked out the details of the scholarships (benefits, shift, pay, specialty, etc.) then go for it!

Good luck!


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Thank you so much MomBSN for your reply...I was wondering about the scholarship as far as if they would force you into working a speciality, and I know that I will definately have to look at the "fine print" before I sign my life away for three years!

Thank you again,

Michelle :)


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Hi Michelle,

I'm a long time lurker here finally applying to BSN programs. I'm accepted to U of P (transfer into Junior year of Nursing program) but even with a top of the range financial aid package the only way I could afford to go there is through the Providence program. So I have an interview next Saturday for it and will (hopefully) get all my questions answered. It's an hour long interview with a member of the faculty and a Providence manager so I should. I'll post what I find out.

I'm also applying at OHSU where I'd prefer to go and my local cc, Lane as backup (ha ha actually harder to get in there than at BSN programs) Of course all their application and acceptance dates are so staggered that it's almost impossible to have all offers open and directly comparable. Oh well. .


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Thanks so much for your reply Roddy...hope everything goes well and please keep me posted! I totally understand the financial situation...U of P is very expensive and financial aid offers are usually not enough at all; getting the scholarship may be my deciding factor.

Good luck!

Thanks again,

Michelle :)


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Hi everyone from a new member. Just wanted to give my two cents...

I have heard U of P has a good undergrad program that prepares you well. As far as Providence, I have worked at OHSU and in the Providence health system, and I feel Providence treats their nurses better, but I agree with MomBSN that three years of med surg should really be thought through... you have to know you will be able to stand it. What is the typical financial aid package U of P gives undergrads?

While on the subject of U of P, are their any students or alumni of their graduate program? I have just been accepted for this summer and would love to talk to someone!


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I don't have enough good things to say about UP. I am a 2000 grad (in business) and would definitely have gone there for my nursing degree if I still lived in Portland (I am living in Indiana where my husband is getting his PhD at Notre Dame). One of my best friends graduated in nursing and her degree is very well respected and she is now working at Prov-St. Vincent's and loves it.


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Hello there. I have just graduated this Spring from UP and am part of the first batch of Providence Scholars. I felt that the UP program really prepared me well for nursing, although the program is constantly changing. The Providence Scholar program is great and your wages during the three years with Providence are competitive. It is a relief to know that I have a job upon graduation and don't have to deal with interviews as the scholarship interviews were our job interviews. I also appreciate the guarantee of full time work. As a scholar, we can also request unit changes if our hours are being cut below full time. The program is mainly intended to fill medicaul surgical positions, but specialties were granted to many graduates this year and movement within the system during your three years is permitted. I would encourage all to apply for the Scholarship program as it made nursing school much more affordable for me!

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