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University Of San Francisco VANAP BSN FALL 2020

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    Hello everyone! This will be my 3rd attempt to apply in USFCA VANAP here in Sacramento! On my first try, I was still taking one of my major science classes, Ethics and Philosophy. The second one, I realized that my essays were horrible. I'm coming back with complete prerequisites and I hope my essays are better this time. 

   My GPA is not as competitive which is 3.2

   However, I have a long experience in bedside care as I have been a CNA for more than 7 years and is now working at a University hospital taking care of Psych Patients for 3 years already. 

  I have no volunteer experience, but I am an active member of an organization that does medical missions in remote areas in the Philippines. 

   I'm looking forward to converse and share the anxiety (lol) with the rest of aspiring nursing students of this prestigious school! 

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