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University of Miami accelerated nursing program Spring 2017


I'm applying to the accelerated nursing program for Spring of 2017. I was wondering if any of you are applying also and where you are in the application process? I feel like I may have a started the application a little late and I'm wondering if that'll lower my chances of getting in.

Hey! I'm applying as well. I just submitted. I don't think we're late in the game since the deadline is in August, but they do review on a rolling basis.

Okay awesome!! I'm hoping to get mine submitted with in the next week or 2 max, do you know what the acceptance rate it??

Unfortunately I don't. I'm pretty sure it's competitive though!

I'm sure it is!! Good luck :)

Hi, I am applying too. The adviser told me they admit 150 and about 900 apply

Is this for the accelerated program? I was told only 70 students are admitted per semester.

I also thought it was a smaller number. I think I am actually going to wait to apply for the summer semester though. I think I am going to need another chem. Do you have general chemistry? I only have an intro to chem.

Yes I actually have a few extra chems because my major was in Bio so they require 2 general chems and 2 organic. I think intro might be okay for this degree requirement though, or did they tell you it's not sufficient?

Hi guys

Im in the application process ,just got my electronic reference. Do you guys know if we can submit the application and then mail the transcript form to the issuing university or do we have to wait until nursingcas get them ? Im so confuse with the application process is a lot!!!!

I was told to send an email with the course description and they would let me know if it was okay. I sent the email a while back though and never got a response. I'll have to call and try again.

I think it all is supposed to be done online. I had my transcripts mailed to nursingCAS

hello!!....but arent we supposed to send the transcript with the transcript matching form ? how did you do it?

It's very easy. No transcript matching form needed. Just order official transcripts from your school and have them send it to:


P.O. Box 9201

Watertown, MA 02471

(if sending by USPS mail)

More info here.

You'll receive an email from nursingcas when they received your transcript, and another one when they verify it.

Did you all apply for the Spring 2017? I submitted my application and everything is verified, have spoken to the school of nursing and basically just waiting for a decision. I was told just 2 days ago that it would probably be another 2 weeks. I'm wondering if you all have heard anything from them yet? Has anyone been accepted? And what are your stats (gpa/prerep gpa)?

I actually decided to wait to apply for summer. Spring was just a little to soon for me to be ready since I'll have to move from New Mexico. My GPA is a 3.81 and I think my prerequisite GPA is around a 3.9. What are your stats? I'm excited to see who's getting in.

I submitted my application but I'm waiting for my transcripts to be verified. THEN the waiting game can begin. I won't probably hear anything from the admission team until the end of August, which is totally fine with me.

Hello all,

I am in the same boat as some of you. I submitted my application July 22nd last week. One of my transcripts is being verified but the other still has to come in. Hopefully, it will come in this week and that should give it about 2 weeks to be verified. I was going to go for the Summer cohort, but I called the school and told them my stats 3.66 undergrad GPA, 4 years of clinical dietitian experience so they told me to still apply and that they have seats open which won't be filled up until a month or two after the deadline. I'm from NJ so it will be a big move.

Were you always in NJ, or did you travel outside for school/work? I'm a southern girl, and even though I plan on applying for schools up north, I really want to stay in the southeast. I'm from GA so UM is definitely my first choice since it's close to home. Well, my first choice if I can get a scholarship.

hi iserlohn,

I am from NY but moved to NJ three years ago. I am applying to a few other schools but for some reason i have my heart set on UM. :)


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