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I've applied to UMD's CRNA program. Anyone know how long it will be until I hear about an interview?

Deadline is Nov 11 or the 15 and they said it will take about 10 weeks before they send out interview requests


I just found out today via email that I was offered an interview. Better then the flat out rejection I got last year. Hope for the best!

I've applied also, but haven't heard anything as of yet.


Did they email you rejection letter last time or just via mail?


They mailed it, which was not till Feb. I guess they wait till they interview.

Just found out today that I was not offered an interview! Rejected. Sigh. Sent me via e-mail. I emailed to see what I could do to make myself a stronger applicant for next year just now.

Just found out today that I did not get an interview and was rejected via email. Sent an email asking what I could do to make myself a stronger applicant for next year.

Hello All,

Just found out today that I have been accepted for an interview with UMd. I must admit that I am excited AND nervous. I hope that everyone awaiting a response meets with success. Any observers/readers heard about the interview process? Just curious and awaiting with cool nerves (yeah, "Right!!").


Any word yet?

To All:

Anyone received word on an interview @ UMBC? I have an interview set up for Jan and was looking for some insight on the interview process (if any)... Thanks.

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