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University of Cincinnati online rn to bsn

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I'm trying to decide between UC, WGU and Jacksonville Univ. Has anyone started or completed UC that can tell me if it is a good program? Any info on the others would be appreciated also. Thanks

I did their MSN/NP tract. It was great. Very intense. But, at a MSN level I would expect that. Its a good college, I would go through there again if I had to do it over again!!! GO BEARCATS!!!!


Thanks for the reply. Went to UC years and years ago. I live in the south now. Nervous about attending BSN online. Can't find reviews on their program.

I was nervous about doing an online BSN program as well. I am not computer savvy and when I went to nursing school we used notebooks and pens! I enrolled in OU's BSN program two years ago and now will be done in a few weeks! It's not as scary as it seems. To answer your question...a coworker of mine just finished UC's program. We compared our programs often. They both are centered around discussion boards, papers, and APA. The main difference is her classes were the full length of the semester and she had to take three or four at a time. OU has the five week format which made it easier (for me) to be able to concentrate on one class at a time. She said she had no regrets with their program. Good luck and congrats on deciding to pursue your BSN!

Thank you. I'm still in the process of waiting for transcript evaluations. I've applied at Jacksonville, UC, and WGU.

I decided to enroll at univ of cincinnati for the rn-bsn program(choice between WGU and JU) Their format has changed to 7 week classes like many schools. I know UC is a good school but I was wondering why it is hardly mentioned by anyone in choosing an online school. The cost is about he same as many others. Has anyone heard things about the program? Good or bad? Just wondering. Already paid for a semester so there's no going back now?


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I know this is an old thread, but I am a UC student (RN-BSN Distance Learning) and it has been great so far! I graduate in August with my BSN. Statistics is a prereq, but can be completed along with the core nursing courses. Currently, the online program is 27 credit hours and can be completed in two semesters if you're extremely motivated. I wouldn't recommend that plan of study. I had to take 3 credit hours of statistics in addition to the 27 hours of nursing classes and will finish in three semesters. It has been challenging, but definitely manageable. I'm currently not working, so this gives me the time to really devote to studying, but I also have young kiddos! Most of the students in the program work full-time and have families and seem to do fine. Assignments consist of papers, powerpoint projects, discussion board posts, and tests/quizzes. The classes are set up in convenient 7 week blocks. Don't underestimate this format! You still cover the same amount of material as you would in a traditional semester format, only you are doing it over 7 weeks. I happen to like this format, but not everyone is able to keep up with the intensity and the pace. I think it's a solid program. If you're considering UC, I'd say go for it! I'm glad I did! :)

Thanks for the reply. Actually I am graduating in August also. I did the 5 semester long program since I work full-time and have other responsibilities as well. I think it has been a wonderful program too. All the instructors and professors I have been supportive and always available by phone or email to help when needed. Congratulations on your speedy progress to becoming an RN-BSN.

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I know UC is a good school but I was wondering why it is hardly mentioned by anyone in choosing an online school.
Perhaps it is because this school does not do all that much in the way of advertising their online program offerings. The less that people know about a particular program, the less likely they'll mention it as one of their options for online learning.

On the other hand, the investor-owned schools (University of Phoenix, Capella, Walden, South University, ITT Technical Institute, Rasmussen, Chamberlain) advertise their online programs heavily on TV, radio and internet.

For the UC RN to BSN, is chemistry required? I checked online and its not listed under the pre-reqs or classes required.

As far as I know Chemistry is not required. I looked through my past courses accepted for the UC program and chemistry was not listed. I just finished the program and only have nice things to say about it and the instructors.