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Starting this thread to keep in touch with those that applied to the UC Davis Master's Entry Program in Nursing (MEPN) MSN Degree program for 2023! Anyone heard back about the second round of applications yet?

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UC Davis Master's Entry Program in Nursing

UC Davis MEPN Nursing Program, fully accredited, prepares nurses to provide anesthesia care during surgical procedures.

This is a 18-month, six consecutive quarters including two summers, beginning in June. Clinical placements take place every quarter, about 15 hours per week (1,080 hours total). 

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Application Process

Apply for Summer 2023

  • November 1 Deadline
  • Classes start June 2023

Materials Requested

  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose


  • BSN GPA of 3.0 (min)
  • Science Prerequisite GPA of 2.7 (min)
  • Interview
  • Prerequisite coursework must be completed at time of application.
  • No standardized tests are required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the Master's Entry Program in Nursing (MEPN)?

Highest Demand of all nursing education programs

Highest Employment rates of all nursing programs [ 73% MEPN vs 57% BSN  ]

Earn Higher Salary [ $80,460 MEPN vs $65,278 BSN vs $57,446 ADN ]

Need to contact someone about the program?

Betty Irene Moore Hall
2570 48th St.
Sacramento, CA 95817

You may also contact UC Davis rep via...

? (916) 734-2145

✉️ [email protected]

Do you offer help with financing?

Scholarships and loan-repayment programs overview

Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students

Loan-repayment options

Program-specific awards

Scholarships and loan opportunities


What does it cost to attend UC Davis Nursing Program?


Year - 1

(12 months)

Year - 2

(6 months)

Tuition and Fees

$81,024 $38,954
Books/Supplies $1,556 $163
Rent $11,772 $5,885
Utilities $3,346 $1,674
Food $7,150 $3,475
Personal Expenses $2,441 $1,221
Transportation $3,648 $1,824
Health Insurance $7,212 $1,824
TOTAL $118,149 $55,020

More Info at Undergraduate 2022-23 estimated cost of attendance

Need more information?

Read More at Admissions and aid – Master's Entry Program in Nursing (

hello8 said:

Hi!! I got off the waitlist yesterday afternoon! 


Hello all?

I got off waitlist yesterday afternoon

Specializes in Nursing Assistant Hematology and Oncology.
Tib said:


Congratulations you guys! Did you hear via email?

Yes received an email

Congratulations everyone! Hope I hear back soon too ^_^

Congratulations to those who got off the waitlist, super super happy for you both. Reach out if you have any questions regarding the onboarding. It's a long process, lots to do so as soon as you can get on it, the better. Also join the FB group, I have found it to have lots of helpful information.

Hi all, just wanted to drop the link to the facebook group again! Please join it so we can all communicate and help answer questions!

Kal123 said:

Hi all, just wanted to drop the link to the facebook group again! Please join it so we can all communicate and help answer questions!

Requested to join

When do you have to accept by?

Hi all! Sharing the facebook Group for Admitted/Waitlisted Students  again!

Hi! For those who are waitlisted still, has any one heard back that they are off the waitlist because they won't get in this cycle? Also any idea on the waitlist size, chances, or ranking of the waitlist? :)) 

I emailed them and they said we will hear back from them with a definitive answer in June about our status unless anything changes they will email us right away. There is no ranking. Two people so far have been taken off the waitlist. I'm really hoping to get off the waitlist (I'm sure everyone on it is) but the odds are not looking so good based on prior threads.

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