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I'm wondering where you all buy your uniforms.

I love the cut and weight of Deauville scrub sets (11344) and have been buying them at Images near VGH and the Sears at Metrotown (when they're on sale ;)) But a salesperson at Sears said they wouldn't be selling medical uniforms there anymore. :o

Should I try catalogues, different stores, or... make my mom laugh until she cries and attempt to sew my own from a pattern?

:eek: *hee*

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Marks Work Wearhouse has just begun selling nursing uniforms, Do you have those in BC?


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There's a shop in the 700 block of Broadway (740 maybe?) and they're awesome. Have shoes too! Or is that Images?


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There is a great company called AVIDA, that sell uniforms & medical supplies......i believe that they have a website as well (they are based out of Toronto).....type the name in the search engine.

Good Luck!


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thanks everyone :)


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Hey Joeknee, try Yandy's on Columbia in New West. Take the Skytrain to Columbia Street Station. cross the street to the Army Navy side and head west (2-3 blocks) until you get to a bridal shop/hallway strip mall, with a sign which says "Hagen's Travel". Yandy's is about the 3rd shop in the hallway. I buy all my scrubs there (as do all the male nurses that I work with), and you can also order from their catalogues. Army Navy also carries unisex scrubs, basement floor and reasonable.

I note that someone in an earlier reply mentioned Marks Workwearhouse. I just got their catalogue the other day. Their website is http://www.marks.com/healthwear. They're advertising "Denver Hays Scrubs Easy care 65% poly/35$% cotton. Sizes XS-XL. tops or pants $14.99 each". Says "sale ends" this coming Saturday (22nd). There's a store on E. Hastings and another on West 4 Ave & Cypress.

Hope this helps. Katherine


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I order some of my uniforms from http://www.Jasco.com and http://www.Tafford.com and http://www.a1scrubs.com

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Only problem with the denver hays scrubs is they attract pet hair like magnet (wearing same + orange fur right now).

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Sears stores want to stop selling medical uniforms, but they have quite a few specialty catalogues , and one of those is their uniforms catalogue.

Avida has great uniforms and are verrry nice on returns, sending you a return bag and paying return postage.


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Hi, I buy at Yandy's. The only thing that sucks is that you have the hem the pants yourself (yecch - I HATE sewing). Also Army and Navy has nice, cheap scrubs (sometimes Deauville's for 20 bucks), also try Sears Clearance Outlets...


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Joeknee, I too like the Deauville scrubs. I was at Marks Wearhouse today and they are carrying them (at least in Victoria).

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I'm in Kelowna, BC and love The Uniform Shop on Cooper Rd. My absolute favourite scrubs are Silky Soft scrubs by http://www.professionaluniform.com/ . I love the Body Flex style!! I can get a set for $39.95 at The Uniform Shop and I don't even have to get the pants hemmed. (I'm 5'3" and ususally have to pay another $10-$15 to get pants hemmed.)

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