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  1. Do you like your uniform?

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      My uniform is awesome.
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      My uniform is okay.
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      I can't wait to burn my uniform.

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Does anyone like their uniform? I find my uniform top to be one of the most uncomfortable and unflattering things ever made.

Seriously I look like a love seat in the thing.

I love our uniforms. Scrubs are nice and comfy. We have black Dickies pants and a red Dickies top with the school embroidery. I think they're great, I don't mind them at all.

Ours are OK. If I had a choice, I wouldn't wear these. But I've seen things more terrible. My friend had a white uniform and to me that seemed so weird. I would never wear a white uniform unless I HAD to.

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I hate ours. We have weird uniform pants that are completely unflattering.

Who puts a seem in the front of pants, and why turquoise? So we can draw more attention to the hideousness? Our top is just a plain white scrub top, at least.

Ours are a plain v-neck scrub top in hunter green (Cherokee brand) and any white pants without cargo pockets. I'm going to miss my cargo pockets! :(

Not terrible, but not looking forward to having white pants on during my monthly visit from Aunt Flo...

We get to wear any brand, any style as long as they are Navy Blue. We also have to have our school patches sewn onto the sleeves. I HATE navy blue, but after reading what everyone else has, maybe I should be grateful :)

At our school the RN students wear black pants and the VN students wear white pants. Aunt Flo is this very reason I'm glad I got into the RN program and didn't have to bother applying for VN next year.

We can get any black scrub pants we want, but have to buy our scrub top from them (also black but has a red piping around the neckline). I actually like the top... from a distance. There is a seam that goes RIGHT across your breasts. Not under, just across. It could be so much worse, but man that seam makes me crazy! We also have to get patches for our sleeves and lab coat sleeve.

Why turquoise? So we can draw more attention to the hideousness?

Why yes, you can :) All fire engine red, top & bottom -- or more like WARNING flag red, LOL!

Speaking of uniforms, do we have to wear them everyday or just for clinicals(hospital aand school)?

Ours isnt that bad.....navy blue pants and top with the emblem sewn on and on the lab coat.

Uniforms for lab/clinical days. Work "casual" (and not very casual - lots of things on the "do not wear" list) with white knee length lab coat for lecture days.

Ours are all white, not flattering at all.

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