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Maybe the hospitals have spoiled me? Or Maybe I'm asking tooooo much. But the things I have seen and witnessed with my very own eyes have been disturbing.. And no this doesn't involve patient care.. This involves interactions between staff members and how everyone can be late to work or a no call no show and still have a job the next day? Where CNA's can make up vital signs and think they can't get in trouble for it (which they don't). Where CNA's ask nurses where they can get ahold of some narcotics and threaten the nurses with bodily harm if they repeat what they say, yet they still have job with no suspension? Where RN supervisors tell me I don't know what I'm talking about that my patient didn't have a stroke and that she just has a UTI, when infact my patient did have a stroke and my RN supervisor is to busy degrading me and my LPN status cause I am a new grad and I shouldn't suggest things like that of my patients when she won't even place her eyes upon my patient to visible see the signs that my patient has had a stroke.. BTW this patient did have a severe stroke..

At the hospital I use to work at, most of these things I have mentioned would have gotten somebody fired or suspended...

No this isn't a family owned business either, this is a NATIONAL chain of health care. I choose this place cause they seemed 'different', they seemed to be the patient advocate that is out to help the patient and treat their employees well too with the extensive benefits they offer... Guess I was wrong, or maybe it's just this facility itself..?

I have a job interview tomorrow. I'm happy and I'm sad... I'm happy cause if I do get this job at least I won't have high expectations of the facility and I will finally be able to sleep knowing that my time spent at work were spent to the fullest of my capabilities and my knowledge with my patients providing the best possible care I can provide without degrading remarks or a RN supervisor telling how to take care of my patient who she won't even glance her eyes upon or CNA's ganging up against me cause they want to make up fake vitals and think it's okay.. But I am sad cause I have made bonds with a few of the patients and I will miss them. I am upset cause I hold a HIGH job ethical for myself, and I do feel very crappy for quiting a job 4 months into it, I never have in my life done that before. I never call in unless if I am literally the patient getting the IV and hospital bed, NEVER LATE IN MY LIFE, never been wrote up, always exceed expectations on all my evals...

I can't sleep, and my job interview is in 8 hours...

Wow, this has turned into a rant, but it's building up for awhile. I went from a job and facility that I loved as a CNA, to becoming an LPN and forced out of the hospital to a LTC where I am astonished to see how management take care of issues... but then again.. maybe I'm expecting too much?


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After some time you may indeed feel that you are expecting too much. Most of us get our rose colored glasses broken early in our careers. Hope that you are offered a job at a facility where you are not made to feel so threatened just because you want to do a good job taking care of your patients. Good luck.

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It is unfortunate that these experiences are usually the ones that greet new grads first rather than situations that show us the positive side of nursing. Happens more times than I wish to say. I do hope that the next place that employs you shows more appreciation and is more loyal to positive patient outcomes.


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I got the job that I interviewed for!! I am very excited about this and bit more comfortable with it.

I am just super nervous about quiting my other job. I don't think it's going to go over well. I have NEVER been in such a hostile environment that I have considered to not even put in a notice. I'm going to sleep on that decision tonight I guess. I have NO intentions going back though.


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You can't just walk away from the job. You have to give notice, or you can say in your resignation, "effective immediately", but you have to give a written resignation; or you may find the employer stating you were terminated.

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Sorry to say, but I have found similar issues at every nursing home where I have ever been employed. People straggle in late, but management is happy as long as they are continuing to show up. Employees who call in frequently still have jobs. Employees who are frequent no-call/no-show offenders still manage to have jobs. Incompetent nurses and rough CNAs fly under the radar to maintain their employment, while the most ethical and principled workers become targeted by management.

You will find that, at many for-profit LTCFs, the priority is the almighty dollar. Patients and employees are expendable in many cases.