Unexpected Twist! NCLEX-RN experience.

I just want to share my experience with the dreaded NCLEX-RN. This is for all. Believe, Claim it and Pray. Nursing Students NCLEX Article

Unexpected Twist! NCLEX-RN experience.

Like most of us, nursing is my passion. It has been my childhood dream. I am a graduate of nursing in the Philippines and a PH registered nurse as well. I didn't graduate as a cum laude nor a dean's lister. I am a A- or B+ student but I topped the local boards which I am very grateful for.

I am working full-time in a hospital and also reviewing for the nclex. Working and studying has been a toll on me. I work in a special area and the demands in nursing is just sooo high! I barely get some sleep and I couldn't even catch up with my NCLEX review schedule which I made. So, with those, I decided to take a month-long leave from work. I want to pass the NCLEX-RN and I am making it a priority, I said to myself.

I took the exam on the 25th, I started at 7:45 am. There were those who were taking the test and I was the last person to enter the room. My exam was supposed to be at 8:00 but the official has let me start at 7:45 am. I prayed and read the first question. Okay, so first question, I said I know it, I clicked on the 'next' button and then my first ever 'SATA' appeared. I was like, whaaaaatt????? Are you kidding me??? So, I got SATAs one after another. My thoughts were racing, it's like a car running down the hill at 120km/hr with the breaks off! There were times that I just swinged myself in the swivel chair and took deep breaths. I kept hoping that the questions would stop after 75 questions but at the same time, I hope that the computer will still give me questions to prove myself. Then, I lost track of the number of questions and the computer shut off, then I realized, I just finished the 75th question! There were questions that I even asked my whole existence and who made the exam questions and that why did I even wanted to brave through this exam.

I freaked out and everything was blur after that. I wasn't even paying attention to the 30-item questions ( Trial questions) and the another 15-item survey after the test.

Walking back to the locker area, I even saw one test taker having her break and sobbing. I felt defeated, I didn't expect it to shut off like that, it has just been one hour. I brought a lot of protein bars and water- I was ready for the 6-hour exam.lol. I even thought that my chair hasn't heated up yet for sitting on it in just an hour!

My family tried to cheer me up but maaan, that computer shutting off after one hour was just unexpected. I had 1/4 SATA, A TON of Prioritization and Delegation and I forgotten what other questions I had. I really felt that I did soooo bad. I kept praying that I passed, I couldn't sleep that night and I was tossing and turning in my bed.

The day after, I tried to check the BON website but my name's not in there. I tried a couple of times to no avail and I left it all to God. I don't have the extra money to do the PVT so I just kept waiting for the BON website to update their system.

9 am came, I knew that the my state BON updates their website on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 am so I fiddled through my phone and and when I checked the BON website, my name's already there with the "Registered Nurse" on it. It was the longest waiting time of my life! I was crying and praying that I passed and it turns out, I passed with 75 questions in my first attempt. ?

It was a roller coaster of a ride but it's all worth it! Just pray and claim it! lots of love!

Just a small town girl, aspiring to be the best nurse that she can.

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