understanding words the nclex asks you


im having trouble passing my nclex because of words i keep getting that confuses me .

FOLLOW UP !! what do they mean by follow up , follow up as in the patient needs more teaching so pick the wrong answer or follow up meaning follow up to make sure the patient is doing what their supposed to be dong . or does it just depend on the question

REINFORCE !! reinforce meaning reteach or reinforce meaning MAKE SURE that they do whatever youve told them to do before . Im so confused , this might be my 3rd time taking my test , i havent gotten my results yet. any apps thatll help me pass ? ive tried Kaplan & PN mastery


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How do you do on nclex mastery? Maybe you should try to take as many questions as you can and read the rationales really well. Nurse lab has free question that are good for review. Here is an example, not a great one though. A nurse would need to reinforce teaching if a client says he/she isn't going to finish taking their antibiotics. If I come across a question like that on the app maybe I can help more.


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ok , thank you ! what about follow up ? do you have a good example of what you think follow up means ?


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EDIT: I just noticed that you're taking the NCLEX-PN rather than the NCLEX-RN. The examples I'll be giving are most likely out of your scope of practice, but I think it might still be helpful-- if not for you, then for someone else who's having the same difficulty.

When a question asks you which of the options you should follow up on, it wants you to pick the option/s that indicate

1) a possible reason for why something is wrong

2) that something is seriously wrong

3) that something could go seriously wrong if you don't do anything


The parent of an 8-month old infant states that the baby has become weak and increasingly difficult to feed despite mixing some honey to the baby's formula to make it taste better. You need to follow up on this because generalized weakness and difficulty feeding could be a symptom of botulism, which the baby might have due to eating honey. You follow up on this by making sure to report the infant's honey consumption, along with the presenting symptoms, to the HCP.

Post-op patient's urine output for the last three hours total 54 mL. You need to follow up on this because urine output

Patient on clopidrogel states that he plays football. You need to follow up on this because patients on the antiplatelet clopidrogel should avoid playing contact sports. He/she may need more teaching.

Speaking of teaching, "to reinforce", in the context of patient education, means to remind the patient about teaching points that have been covered with the patient. This may or may not result in the patient doing what you tell them to. With few exceptions (involuntary psychiatric holds come to mind), you shouldn't force patients to do what they explicitly don't want to do.

However, reminding the patient the reason why it's important to do what you ask them to usually makes them do it.