This story was unbelievable!! One interesting comment made by a reader (Advance for NP's & PA's) referenced the problem of state BON's being made up of "dinosaurs." While I don't agree with classing all older nurses as dinosaurs, I do wonder if states should require their BON members to have recent practice experience or have term limits. I know I met one BON member during my schooling who had been on the BON (and had not practiced) since around the time I was born!

When BON members and faculty are out of practice for a long time, does you think that can negatively impact their decisions and job performance?



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I does.


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WOW I did not know that. I think it goes with any person who holds any office/title. You should have some recent experience or you loose touch with reality. It is easy for them to hear things to make decisions, but when you are living with it and having to deal with it is something totally different. Thanks for brining this to my attention. I just wonder what can be done about it?


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That makes me even happier that the professors and instructors at my nursing school are all practicing in their fields, at least on a part-time basis.


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My school was the same way. I actually worked with one of my professors on weekends. I was a LPN in the ER working Fri, Sat and Sun and she worked every other weekend as ICU charge.