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Unbelievable exam question


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I'm so glad we've never had fill-in-the-blank questions. My teachers base all of tests off the NCLEX test plan, and knowledge level questions like this one are never on them. You're teacher is being ridiculous about the order thing. It's neither head nor tails whether thrombus or embolism is put in either blank.


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I wonder if it was a "Let me show you that I'm running things around here" question. Due to the instructors personal need to show you that he or she was in control that's why the question had to be answered "THEIR" way. Sad to say that there are a number of petty people in the medical field. We would get more done if some people didn't have prove that My Daddy is Bigger Than Your Daddy! Brother, an old man gave me a piece of advice one time. He told me it's a case of "It's Your World and I'm Just Passing Through It"! Thus you do it her way until you get out of the class and then you do what you know is right after that. She is petty and not worth the energy. Get finished thhe class playing by her rules and once you have passed it just be thankful you're not married to her! Just joking. Try and not let it get you upset because that only gives her space in your head. Save that space for people you care about. Not a little person! Try and have a Great Christmas. Keep your mouth shut and pass the class. Then put her in your rear view mirror of life.