UMass Boston Spring 2022 ABSN

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Hi Everyone!

I know it is probably early for most, but wanted to start a thread for people applying or admitted to UMass Boston ABSN for Spring 2022. How long after you applied did you receive a response about your application?

I submitted my application at the end of September but have not received a response yet. I think responses go out November 1st

@danib22oh! Okay, I’m so anxious! Did you apply elsewhere and are you far from Boston?

So am I! I applied to Laboure College as well. As of now that's where I am going but haven't made a final decision yet until I hear from umass. I live right outside of Boston in Chelsea, how about you? 

@danib22 congratulations & good luck !! UMass Boston is really my first choice. I live in NYC I’d probably commute back and forth whenever clinical starts because I have a young child. Though my mom said she’d babysit and I could just stay in a hotel for clinical instead of doing the commute. 

Thank you! Good luck to you too! It's also my first choice. That would make sense since clinicals are once a week I heard, but all depends on how long the commute is and all. Definitely something to consider!

I’m so glad I found this thread. UMass Boston is my first choice too. Good luck to everyone. 

@Lind88I am hoping you get in as well!! It would be great if we did! Are you in the area?

Best of luck with your applications everyone! I originally applied for Fall 2021 but admissions called and asked if I would be interested in Spring 2022 and I jumped on it for some extra time. So excited to connect with classmates soon!