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  1. UMass Boston Spring 2022 ABSN

    Best of luck with your applications everyone! I originally applied for Fall 2021 but admissions called and asked if I would be interested in Spring 2022 and I jumped on it for some extra time. So excited to connect with classmates soon!
  2. UMass Boston ABSN - Fall 2021

    @ashleyowen that’s awesome! I moved back east from Tahoe to start my prereqs just before covid hit. Will you start this fall? I think I’ll end up somewhere north of Boston because I love the mountains. But I’ve spent some time in providence and love ...
  3. UMass Boston ABSN - Fall 2021

    @Sonya Samborthanks for sharing your thoughts! I have a car, and I think anywhere up to 1.5 hrs away would be doable? Problem is, rent seems to be steep in most of the surrounding areas! It’s really hard to know how often we need to be on c...
  4. UMass Boston ABSN - Fall 2021

    Hi everyone! I applied for fall 2021 was offered a spot Spring 2022. Would love to hear from individuals in the same cohort! They said ~15 applicants were offered the later start. I’m curious, are many students relocating for this progra...