UMass Boston Spring 2022 ABSN

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@@MamaTryinNP Me too. I didn’t get in. Did you apply for other programs. 


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@Lind88 I applied to Drexel but that’s about it. Smh. I’m looking for other schools at the moment as well. You? 


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@MamaTryin2bNP I’m looking for another program, possible Middlesex Community college.   


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Hey Everyone! I was recently accepted for the UMB ABSN Spring 2022 cohort, which I am super excited about! Does anyone have any info about the UMB program in comparison the MGH/Northeastern/Regis? I guess I am only concerned about clinical placement (do you feel you get enough time with on-ground clinicals?) and NCLEX pass rates/ employment track record for ABSN students. One of the nurse directors I work with says she hears really great things about UMB grads, but I don't see any posted information about how soon/where grads are employed after this program. If anyone has insight or personal experience with the UMB ABSN program please let me know!