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UMass Boston Accelerated BSN Summer 2017


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Mine just switched to complete. I had a lot of issues with my transcript from on of my schools and then getting my TeAs. I hope everything got straightened out. When did your applications switch to complete?

I had issues as well with them updating items but it went complete during early November, though I submitted early.

i submitted my application a couple days before the due date since i was waiting on some recommendations.. I'm hoping these issues were resolved. If this year is anything like past years the first group of people should be hearing back within the next week or two!

Mine switched to complete end of last week

Hey how are you able to check your application status for UMB?

You should've received an email after applying with a pin and password that leads you to the check your status webpage.

I got an email and a letter in the mail.

Someone on another thread said their status changed to a decision has been made.

interesting, i never got one, i'll email the school..thanks

is it on another allnurses thread?

I just got my acceptance in the mail! Hope you all hear sooner than later. :) #christmasmiracle

@nursemarcio congrats that's amazing news!! Have a merry Christmas! I'll keep you posted if and when I hear anything. If you don't mind me asking- what were your stats? I forget if you had already mentioned them..