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UMass Amherst Accelerated BSN - 2014


Hey everyone,

I submitted my application on February 1st for the UMass Amherst Accelerated BSN program that starts in August. I got an email a few days ago about setting up an interview either face-to-face or via the computer. I had to choose the computer option since I live in North Carolina. Anyways, my interview just ended and I wanted to see what others thought of their interview and such.

Also, I wanted to see if anyone who is currently attending there, had to have an interview before?

Thanks and good luck to all! :)

Hi brunettebelle.

If you don't mind me asking, how was the interview and how did you prepare for it? I'm scheduled for next week.

Hi brunettebelle,

I had my interview yesterday via the computer and I thought my interview was ok. How did you think it went for you. Also I wanted to know have you submitted a thank you letter because I have been thinking about submitting one but don't know how to start. Sorry for asking you so many questions but I just thought we can help each other out.

And yes I was wondering the same thing about if anyone that previously applied during the past couple of years had to do an interview too. I applied last year 2013, did not do an interview and was not accepted.

Thank you in advance.

Hi kcun,

My interview went okay. I prepared by Googling questions online about "nursing application/entrance interviews". Good luck next week! :)

Hi MsOHKASwillbeanRN,

I too thought my interview went okay, it was kind of awkward to be honest but maybe that's just me, lol. I submitted a quick email saying thank you for the opportunity but they never wrote back (but I'm sure they are busy so I'm not alarmed). I wouldn't submit a formal letter if that's what you're thinking of doing. It's okay for the questions!

Yes, I am hoping someone who is currently in the cohort could tell us if they had an interview or if this is something new. It was never brought up that there would be a required interview when I had contact with the admissions department. My only guess is maybe this is how they are narrowing down who they want to accept? I don't really know :(


I had my interview yesterday as well. I live in Boston so I drove there and had a face to face. They were really nice and seemed like they really wanted to get to know you. They asked pretty general questions like what made you decide to be a nurse and why UMass etc. I also found that they asked a lot of questions that were more about understanding the program. Like they asked me about time management and balance. Felt more like they were trying to make sure you knew what you were getting into and if you would be a good fit.

I was really nervous right before the interview but they definitely made it a very comfortable environment. I also got an acceptance letter from MGH the same day of the interview which was pretty crazy! But UMass is my first choice! They said they would be ending interviews around March 1st and take a couple of weeks to deliberate. I'm hoping to hear by mid March. Let me know if I can help with anything else! Good luck!

Hi brunettebelle,

Yes, I agree it was awkward for me too maybe not for the same reasons. Even though I logged in 10-15 minutes early I could see someone in the background and when it was time for my interview I could not hear them. When I was able to finally hear them they could not hear me so they tried to call me but kept caling the wrong number and I had to write my number on a piece of paper and put it towards the camera lense. So I pretty much had a phone/computer interview.

I think you are on to something because like I said previously when I applied last year they did not interviewed me and I ended up not getting accepted. And also when I got that email I was confused because they never said an interview will be required. Like some of the schools I have researched in the past will say whether an interview is part of the application process.

Anyways good luck and lets keep in touch.

Hi Drea9999,

They seemed to ask you a lot of questions (more than me) but maybe that's because it was in person? Also, it might depend on your background as well, but who knows.

Congrats on your acceptance letter to MGH! Did you apply for the Accelerated BSN there as well, or an MSN? I got my letter online from MGH, the middle of last month. I got accepted but put on the wait list, so I'm surprised yours came in the mail so late?

I agree with you, it seems like they will make a decision about the 2nd or 3rd week of March :) I can't wait to see what happens! Good luck to you too, keep us all posted!

Hey girl,

My name is Ally by the way- I figure easier to use names, lol. Anyways, they did say that some people had trouble getting connected online. I logged in 10 minutes early and the link kept saying invalid all the way up until 3 minutes before my assigned time so I was freaking out! Then when we were finally connected they said it was finicky I guess.

Do you know how many seats were offered last year when you applied? Just curious if it was close to the 72 number that's on the flyer. I agree with you, when I first applied, other schools have said if an interview is required and this one never did. Also, when I talked to admissions they said they start a cut off at the first 100 people that have the highest pre-req GPA's and strongest essays and letters of recommendation, so needless to say the interview came out to be a huge surprise.

I am hoping that all of us that got interviews is because they already figure we are a good fit, if that makes sense. Where else are you applying, if I may ask?

We will keep in touch. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you out :)

I wish I had done the interview in person. I did mine over the computer and had some issues with the technology, too. They also didn't ask very many questions - just some basics about why I'm interested in nursing, etc. - and it seemed kind of rushed to make sure it ended in time.

Hi emc87,

I felt the same way - not many questions & they really seemed like they wanted to make sure they could keep on schedule. Hopefully we all did well though :)

Hey girl,

My name is N'mah (pronouced N-M-A-H since a lot of people get it wrong)but most people call me emma anyways. When I applied last year they offered 64 seats. I applied to the george washington university but umass amherst is my first choice mainly because of their internship program which I think sets the shcool apart from others. The george washington university main campus is in Auburn Virginia did not know that until I applied.

And I hope too that is what the interview means.

Let me know if you have any other questions related to umass amherst :)

Hello there,

I applied to UMass as well but I was wondering if anyone was considered a "waitlist candidate"? I contacted the admissions dept. before applying and because I am still currently a senior in college, I would have to be "waitlisted" until after the conferral of my bachelor's degree in May. Is anyone else in the same boat?

Hey everyone!

I'm just curious if anyone has heard anything yet!?!?

Hey kcun,

Nope, no news on my end! I am guessing we will hear back maybe earliest next week but probably the following week... Just my guess though! Either way, no news is good news ;)

The anticipation is killing me!! Haha!

Does anyone happen to know how they will announce admissions decisions? Letter, phone call, e-mail?