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UK - USA Nurse (no visa required)

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I am a UK trained nurse with a Bachelors of Science in Adult Nursing and graduated in 2015. I worked in the UK as a nurse for 3 years. I now live in America and have a work visa, social security number etc.

I have been looking at applying to become a nurse in the state of Georgia, but there are a few things I cannot quite understand. The process is to apply for CES from the CGFNS and then apply to the Georgia BON. I understand the process quite well but these are my questions:

1. Why are there no UK nurses talking about successfully using CGFNS?

2. When I send the letters to my University and the Nursing & Midwifery Council to produce "applicant’s professional license/registration/diploma documents", what if they don't send the right document? I don't imaging my university will get this request very often.

3. When my report comes back as lacking clinical hours in Mental Health, Maternity and Child nursing how will I make up this time? Will universities here allow me to take single modules and what is this likely to cost?

I am nervous about committing $350 to get my CES report with no clear answered to the above. What are CGFNS like to deal with? Once they have my money and I am struggling to get the documents they require, will they even care?

Any clarity to this would be greatly appreciated. I would love to help out during the difficult times to come with the Covid-19 outbreak.




Quick question, are you in 🇺🇸to stay or visiting for a while?

I’m also a British trained nurse (RMN) living in the U.S., however, I’ve decided to go to nursing school for my RN to work whilst I’m in the U.S.

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I am a UK nurse who successfully used CGFNS to verify my qualifications. It took forever but it got done in the end.

Secondly,when asking for your transcript and stuff from your university ,then talk to someone so they know what you need. Thereby saving you both time and money. As for the NMC ,they do a good job sending what's required. Communication is the key .

Lastly,I'm sorry to say that if you completed your nursing after Project 2000 then your chances of being deficient in key areas is very high. But I would still go ahead and get CGFNS to look over your transcript and be certain . This way you can then make a plan.

Good luck! Let us know what happens

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You can do it simultaneously. Apply to Georgia BON then apply for CGFNS-CES. CGFNS basically verifies your credentials from school and your license as RN in the UK. Once all documents are received by CGFNS it may take a while for them to review. Once reviewed they will send your CES report electronically to Georgia BON. Once Georgia BON receives the report and found you eligible then you will receive your eligibility to sit for the NCLEX-RN. Once you have your eligibility you can then register at Pearson Vue for your ATT ( Authorization to Test). If Pearson VUE issues you an ATT you have 90 days I believe to schedule for your NCLEX exam. Hope this helps!

PS. Once you paid CGFNS for your CES you have 1 year to comply all the required documents ask from CGFNS.

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Hi did you get any further with contacting your university and finding out if you can make the hours up in the USA?



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I migrated from the UK to the US with a EB3 visa etc and currently working in GA I did not have to do CGFNS and this was in 2017.




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How far along are you in this process. I too am applying through cgfns. I am an adult trained nurse. I am hoping to. E able to practice in the USA as a nurse.