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  1. ICunursey

    DS260 complete, now waiting

    Getting my CES report took a long time because of transcript troubles so it took about 3 years from starting to actually starting work. It’s doable.
  2. ICunursey

    UK nurses going to the US

    There are a few agencies that people have used successfully in the last few years to go to the US. Assignment America, O’Grady Peyton , Avant and Medpro are some examples. I’m sure there are many more.
  3. ICunursey

    UK nurses going to the US

    Yes my agency helped me find a job. My contract is for 3 years. Most agencies have contracts for 2-3 years. Pick carefully.
  4. ICunursey

    UK nurses going to the US

    I did Project 2000 so I did didactic and clinical hours in obstetrics, mental health and paediatrics. I wasn’t deficient in any areas. You could try another BON and work elsewhere then later meet the Californian requirements.
  5. ICunursey

    UK nurses going to the US

    I registered with Texas board of nursing as they were one of the BONs that don't require a SSN,there are others. The agencies can send you to another state because if you have a license you can endorse it to another state.California and New York have their own process which might take a little longer.
  6. ICunursey

    DS260 complete, now waiting

    Hi everyone. I had a very busy Christmas and New Year because the welcome email from the NVC arrived, I paid my Immigration Visa fees , completed my DS 260 and the agency sent all the supporting documents off in a period of about 2 weeks. I was really surprised because it all happened so quickly. It was a fluke right? Anyway just wanted to know who else is at this stage or has been through it recently and how long did it take for NVC to pass the case on to the US embassy in London so they can book their medical and interview? Any information and tips about what to do now would be appreciated.
  7. Hi, first get registered with CGFNS and get your transcript evaluated. Only after this can you know what to do next. Whether this involves going back to school for some missing modules or whether you can go ahead and take the NCLEX right away.All the people I know who have gone through this have been Adult Nurses but if you did didactic and clinical in obstetrics,paediatric and adult then you should be fine. Good luck
  8. ICunursey

    Need your comments about Assignment America

    Hi , I am going through the immigration process and I'm with Assignment America. They are very supportive and as long as you're committed they will go through it all with you. I hope this helps you. Just like with any contract you sign , make sure you understand the terms before you sign. Good luck.
  9. ICunursey

    UK nurses going to the US

    Hi , I qualified in 2003 , one of the last Project 2000 cohorts and I am a RN-adult and I had no problem with my hours for Paediatrics and maternity as we had an 18 months foundation before specialising for the last 18 months .Did you do your nursing after project 2000? If you did then you can get your transcript assessed by CGFNS and see where you stand.
  10. ICunursey

    CGFNS what can I do!!!

    I'm afraid you will have to keep communicating with CGFNS and your school until a valid transcript and the verification letter is received by CGFNS. Be persistent, don't give up.Good luck
  11. ICunursey

    I-140 denied or approved

    I sent off my I-140 application and I'm curious to see if most are denied or approved at the moment. I just need to know how nervous I should be. It's been 2 weeks since my application went off so I know it could take a while but a quick census might give us an idea of how things are going with the current administration.
  12. ICunursey

    MedPro Staffing Agency.

    Hi guys, are you saying that they get you there and then don't get you any work? Don't they get paid only if you work? How much is the fine for breaking the contract?
  13. ICunursey

    UK nurse waiting for 10 years for USA

    Wow, congratulations. It seems things are moving along nicely. Keep us informed of your progress.
  14. ICunursey

    I-140 sent, now what?

    Thank you for the information Spidersweb. I can get started on the vaccines with my GP ,make sure my shots are in my medical records and are up to date. Thanks for the probable timeline as well.
  15. ICunursey

    SG to UK

    Hi! Look on the Nursing and Midwifery Council website for the best,most accurate information on getting registered in the UK as a Nurse.We do not have Enrolled nurses in the UK anymore but if your Nursing certificate is for a RN qualification the you might have a chance. Good luck