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I am a senior midwife trained and working in the UK. I am also a registered nurse. Any tips on how to be able to work in the USA


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I think it totally depends on the area you are talking about. I'm in AL & only CNM in hospital setting are "legal" & there aren't any practicing. (I did mange to use MW's with 3 of my 4 though.) However, I know CA & HI have lots of MW's. If you are looking at a specific state, I would go ahead & research that state's laws. Good luck - we need more midwifes!!!

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Hi britishmidwife, I have moved your post to the international forums where you'll find lots of information about the requirements for working in the US. Check out some of the threads here and you need to be aware that there is a long wait to emigrate to the US. Read the threads about retrogression and immigration which will give you an idea of some of the issues your going to face

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starting point is the state nursing board that you want to work in and meet their requirements for foreign trained nurse. Depending on your training you do need clinical and theory hours in Mental health and Paeds as well as the midwifery (I know you are a midwife so should be ok there) and general adult

We do not recommend Ca for initial license and much has already been written there about it. As Sharrie has mentioned have a good read in this forum on retrogression and the long wait

Welcome and good luck

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