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  1. howsoon

    Glycemia and the non diabetic patient

    We do not check glucose on our non-diabetics before or after treatment.
  2. howsoon

    Required to watch circumcision?

    I also am against RIC & have 3 intact sons. During school I (against my initial will) did watch a circ. I am actually glad I did so that I have 1st hand knowledge when arguing against RIC. It was hard to watch & I eventually want to get into L&D & worry about this being part of the job but looking back, I am glad that I have the experience.
  3. howsoon

    Tips for learning vag exams

    Yes, LOVE the book. I think every female should read it! I know my daughter will once she gets her period.
  4. howsoon

    Tips for learning vag exams

    I couldn't agree more with Nurseynightnight! I learned to check mine after reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It is amazing what we DON'T know about our own bodies!!
  5. howsoon

    Cardiac Meds

    Need help from experienced RNs. I am a new grad RN working on a cardiac telemetry unit. I am trying to form a cheat sheet of all cardiac/HTN meds that require counting pulse for 1 min or blood pressure check before administering. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  6. howsoon

    Need end-of-shift report sheet!

    These are great guys! Thanks for posting.
  7. howsoon

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    The trick worked for me! Official results say "Passed"!! I'm an RN! Woo Hoo!!!
  8. howsoon

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I took Nclex today at 12:30. I got 75 questions. I checked Pearsonvue 2 hours later & it said "delivery successful" however, I couldn't bring myself to try to register until a couple of hrs after that. Anyway, I got the good pop up & am super excited but nervous about getting too excited yet. I'll let you know when I get the "official" results!
  9. howsoon

    NCLEX Today & Kaplan

    Finally worked up the courage to do the trick.............. Got the good pop up!!!!!!! I really hope this trick is accurate!!
  10. howsoon

    NCLEX Today & Kaplan

    Thanks! I had 75 questions. 12 SATA, 13 Priority & 6 other alternative questions. I'm so glad that's over but not sure I think it went. I'm too scared to try the trick. Maybe I will later tonight.
  11. howsoon

    NCLEX Today & Kaplan

    Hello everyone! I'm scheduled to take my NCLEX in about 3 hours & I'm !! I did Kaplan review & some of LaCharity. I just talked to Kaplan & she told me that a score of 67% on the readiness test (what I made) shows a 98% chance of passing Nclex 1st time. I have heard other peple say that their Kaplan instructor told them it was the question trainers that actually showed your chance of passing. So I'm wondering which is the better guide? (Made a 64 on qt6 & 61 on qt7). I was hoping to score higher on those last 2 trainers. I think I'm just a bundle of nerves & looking for a way to freak out:uhoh3: Good luck to anyone else taking NCLEX today!!!
  12. howsoon

    Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I take my NCLEX RN this Thursday. Does anyone know how long after completion of the exam I should wait before trying "the trick?" Thanks!!
  13. For those of you who have scheduled/taken the NCLEX before, I'm wondering if you can tell me about the possibilites of test dates. I can't look at the schedule of course until I graduate in a couple of weeks & get my ATT. Anyway, I guess what I'm wanting to know is, in general is there a possibility of every day? Also, is there a time around the holidays that NCLEX is not offered? I know this may vary by test center but I'm just wondering in general. Thanks!!
  14. howsoon

    Questions about BSN requirement for Nurse Anesthesia Programs

    I've wondered this also. Interested in other's input.
  15. howsoon

    Jeff State Grads or Soon to be Grads

    Thanks for the replies guys. Keep 'em coming, I'm interested in hearing about as many experiences as I can.
  16. I am trying to figure out where to do my preceptorship. If you have graduated from Jeff State or are in your last semester at Jeff State, will you list where you did you preceptor (hospital & area/floor) & what you're experience was (like did you feel you covered a lot of skills, had a good preceptor, etc.) Thanks so much!!