any UK nurses passionate about "minis"?

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Hello- looking for UK nurses with a love for austin minis. Very interested in cost of living in the UK particularily in the rural villages. Also looking for someone to help me score some parts for my car!



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I owned one a long time back, and I don't live in a village, but these might help..

British Mini Club : (this has lots of local and world links)

Vancouver Mini Club :

Minis of the Rockies :

Mini Of Windsor Owners Group (MOWOG) - Canada :


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Over the years I have had a succession of minis, clubman, coopers, estates, but no longer drive one, still love the little things tho, We have one rotting in my parents haystore, 1972 convertable....hubby says it is scrap now :bluecry1: as not dry storage, big shame, he had promised to restore for my graduation.... much too late now....

Cost of living? petrol currently approx 80p per litre. Loaf of bread 20p (economy white sliced yuck) - £1.25 (nice crusty organic...) tin of baked beans - economy 9p branded 40p +. Cost of houses depend entirely on where in country. in suffolk £145,000 for 3 bed house in town, villages much more expensive. Houses much smaller than in US and fewer bathrooms.. If you have specific pricing queries ask away! :wink2: (Pint of beer approx £2.10 in town pub)


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Geez, I have a Mini Clubman that goes like the clappers and I'm trying to get rid of it.

Anyone want one? ;)


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one of my very first cars was a special edition 'red hot' mini.

it was lovely, bright red and had black seats with red piping.

they dont make cars like that anymore. :roll


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We are talking of the original Mini, as in the "Italian Job" aren't we? Not the inferior copies as in BMW or the recent dreadful remake of the movie...LOL

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