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UK nurses with no family in US - how did you choose where to go?

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we have no family or firneds in the states but after visiting florida a few times we know we want to live in the US, but not necessarily in Florida.

How did you choose where to move to. I am planning on going it alone rather than using an agnecy so i will have to make some decisions.

The things i would like for my family are, nice long hot summers ( well at least a few months as opposed to the 2 weeks we get in Scotland), but I'm not fussed wether it is a year round warm climate or wether it drops to goodness knows what below with loads of snow in winter.

My families hobbies are skiing, fishing, spending time walking in country parks etc. we also love the beach but I wouldn't be devastated if we didn't have a beach nearby.

I would like somewhere where the salary and taxes and cost of living will allow us to buy a reasonable size home as opposed to having to have an apartment, and I would like to be in a smaller community with access to a large city and with good schools.

I have been reading and researching on the web and so far i have come up with New Jersey, Florida, Texas, Colorado and California but so many states seem so nice

we need to make a decision as I will be applying for my CES soon and need to have an idea which BON I'm going to apply to

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I am going to Phoenix and my reasons for choosing that was petition of greencard, that my husband would also be able to find work and after discussion with hospital looked at support once I start working with them. I have no family in the US and never been to Florida :D but have friends in the NY state and love going out there. Have also been and looked round Phoenix and liked what I saw.


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Hi, I have no family over here in Florida....but we had been coming here for 14 years on vacation 2-3 times a year - so seemed a natural choice.....it takes time to build up friendships like the ones you had in the uk.....we are doing ok though!:wink2:


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Hi we are also going to Phoenix (eventually):bugeyes: We wanted sunshine, outdoor living, no humidity and decent cost of living and hopefully Phoenix will give us that. Visited a few months back and really liked it, going back in march. Agree with your comment about Scottish weather!

Like SueIP, we have no family here in Florida but had been visiting on vacation for several years. Also, it's only an 8 hour direct flight back to the UK if you need to go back in an emergency. I've been back twice....on my days off from work, without having to use any PDO's....don't think I'd be able to do that if I was anywhere further inland than the East Coast.

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