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Hi all,

Just trying to gather some advice on a wee plan I have in mind. I am a uk registered children's nurse working almost a year in neonates, which I love. I secured a permanent job which is fantastic but I have itchy feet! I travelled before my degree but it seems I haven't got rid of the travel bug.

My partner and I would like to live/work abroad before we properly settle down and new zealand is at the top of our list. I'm concerned about giving up a permanent job but I am also unsure as to whether I want to return to the uk to live or if I would like to move abroad for good.

At the moment I think we would just like to take a year out on a working holiday visa. I don't think we would do this for a year or two so I can gain some more experience.

I'm not sure whether to work as a nurse whilst in NZ (I understand I would need to get registration) or if I could just find some random temp work or au pair work and just take time out from nursing too. I don't know whether this would be a good idea for my career and how difficult it would be to return to nursing after a year out! Or perhaps do a healthcare internship?

Does anyone have some advice or thoughts on this?

many thanks for reading

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Used to be able to take an unpaid leave of absence from your job and work abroad. I knew someone that did that a few years ago from the NHS and worked in Australia for 12 months. Her job as safe. May be an option to think about.

Personally I think taking time out of nursing may not be good for you


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I live in NZ and I am also an immigrant. If you have itchy feet and wish to travel, I would suggest you do just that from the UK. If you want to live down here, I would suggest you look into Australia. The market is larger, the opportunities better and the pay to expenses ratio is larger. NZ is beautiful but we are a small country with a low-wage economy. The cost of housing (to own or rent) is among the highest in the world. However, our wages are some of the lowest in the OECD. As I said before, our government espouses a low-wage economy. Think US:Mexico or UK:Eastern Europe.


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I took time out last year spent 6 months travelling New Zealand, my biggest regret was not sorting y registration out before hand as I have had to come home and do tht, save some cash and I'm about to leave again! Feel I've done my career no good!

I took a sebatical from my work, was great because I just came home straight to a job! I know other ppl that have then struggled to get a job after leaving!

Good luck with it! I'm off to australia to work, didn't enjoy New Zealand! x


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Hi just wondering what you decided to do? I'm currently in the same predicament as you!