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Does anyone know anything about University of Kentucky's Second Degree BSN program? I've tried searching through the threads, but can't find too much information (which is starting to make me wonder...). Good reputation/NCLEX pass rate? Thanks, in advance! :)


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No, people in general do not seem to think it's worth the money. I work with a lot of nursing students and most of them agree with that. Go to BCTC unless the BSN is really important to you.

I go to UK now for psych/pre-med. I decided to apply to nursing school next year instead of med school, but you could not PAY ME to apply to UK again. UK has this unbearable, dumbed down, sorority girl obsessed vibe. Plus, the nursing building is very far from everything else - a good 15 min walk from the main buildings.

I tried to talk to a nursing advisor about applying, and they were very unorganized. They literally could not tell me if they enrolled people once or twice a year. They didn't know! And, they were rude about it! I know a lot of smart girls who didn't get in anyway. The advisors told me they only look at prerequisites (completed or not?) and overall GPA for the 2nd degree program. They do not care if you were pre-med, math, whatever. Difficulty does not count. Typical UK bull****. Then again, the advisor did seem confused. So, that part might not be true.

If you're a tiny blonde, have a rich daddy, wear Ugg boots with leggings as pants, and love sorority nonsense, you'll love it there. Otherwise...not so much. I could go on forever. UK=bad. Then again I might be biased. I REALLY hate the place. :no:


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Thanks for your input. I was a little worried about the disorganization since they lost my transcripts...twice. Luckily, I was accepted to a program here at home so I won't have to worry about it! Thanks, again, though. And good luck to you! :)