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UF 2013 BSN applicants?


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Welcome! I just applied to UF as a transfer and just waiting for that acceptance. It's kinda late so I'm going to apply to the con later this week. Are you guys excited??? :)

See that's the one thing I kinda hate about admissions like let me know if I got in or not so I don't have to waste my time filling out the nursing application. Plus UF doesn't let you know if they get your transcript or anything you have to call them to make sure it arrives and even then they can't let you know why the process is taking forever.

Yeah but that's why I'm applying all over. Don't wanna put all my eggs in one basket

Has anyone checked out the baby gator program? I'm going to need some daycare for my daughter during nursing school.

True I did the same thing I think the waiting is just getting to me a little hopefully we'll here something back by the end of January since admissions is going to be on break soon for the holiday

I also need to have my hs transcript sent and ap scores sent which may delay it even more

And can't you track if they received transcripts through Isis?

Why are u sending your high school transcripts?? Also yea I should be able to do that but they haven't changed the page in order for me to able to view that type of information its been on the same page since the day I applied for admission.

As part of applying. I'd rather be safe and make sure they have it. Other schools I'm applying to need it so I might as well send it there too. It doesn't cost anything for me anyways.

Yea I was thinking about that also but was like naww especially since everything is costing me money including my high school transcript but I am going to send my ap scores which I forgot about till you mentioned it, but How is it that your sending it for free??

They send it electronically and I graduated hs in June. And I also need to send my ap scores too.

I also forgot to mention they only charge for the paper transcripts so that's why they're free

man u def took advantage of your high school time if you just finish high school and are now applying to the nursing program. And my high school charges either way unfortunately and I was looking on the college-board website and I think I have to call in order to send my ap scores cuz u can't do it online. Which leads me to asking how are you going to send them?

The ap scores? I think they only mail those but they have to be directly sent from college board. And I think the only way to send them is by calling and ordering that way. There isn't a way to do it online.

Guess i'll do that later on today hopefully it doesn't cost me too much

I think it's like $10 or so for each report and a little more if you want it sent express

Hi everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself and say good luck to all! It's nice to know that we have a little place here to wait/ask questions and talk together :) I go back and forth between my top 2 schools but I would be a transfer to UF. I have a 3.5 cumulative gpa and my prereq gpa is a 3.8 so I don't really know what to think about my chances here. Is there a place on the application for experience/volunteering? :) That sounds like it would be great for many of us!

Yes on the UF CON application it asks about volunteer and life experiences.

Hello everyone!

I have been reading this thread for a while and figured I would join the chat! I would also be a transfer student from a Florida community college. My current GPA for my pre-requisites is a 3.88 and my commulative GPA is a 3.77, but I still need two more classes that I am taking this spring semester. I currently volunteer at a Hospital, but other than that I do not have much volunteering experience since I have had to continuously work since High School. UF is my dream school and my first choice, but I am also applying to other schools since we all know how competitive it is to be admitted. I wish us all the best of luck :up: and I can't wait till June! :nurse: