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UF 2013 BSN applicants?


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Haven't heard from anyone in awhile!

I'm still here just came back from break and getting into the spring semester. Good news! I got into UF and I'm now I'm just waiting for the final decision from nursing.What about you? How have you been?

I haven't gotten an admission decision form UF yet. Me and my fiancée are looking into new homes to move to since our lease at our current place will expire in a couple months and we want a larger place.

Hey! Congrats eauzirus! If you don't mind me asking how long did it take after applying to receive a reply from UF? I haven't received anything from the University yet.

@mamakate that's cool but that kinda sucks too because u arent really sure were your going to get yet but you have still have to move. It would be way better if u got your admission letter first then based your move on that. @MOISELLEX it took two long MONTHS :sniff: . I was so happy when I found out that I got in now getting into Nursing I'm kinda weary about,but well see.

Well we are looking into doing a month to month type of contract until I make a final decision.

I am a little confused - do we apply to the CON before receiving a general admissions decision?

Ok, good to know. Thank you! I noticed that my status said the decision had been referred to my college and the transfer page didn't necessarily say we had to be admitted to apply. Again, thank you. I will be filling out the application very, very soon.

You're welcome :)

I'm also a transfer student and I applied to the nursing school before I was accepted to UF. As long as you have a ufid you can apply.

For the questions on the app, what do you think is an acceptable format? I mean, it say's "list," but I don't know if that literally means to list volunteer experiences, etc. My gut says to go with a paragraph form. Any advice?

I did paragraph form on mine.

I probably will do the same. Thanks, you are so helpful!

No problem. Here to help :)

One last question, and I will leave you alone ;)

Have you heard about any specific things that the admissions people look for in our responses?

The only thing I know is that there are not many spots for transfer students. Most seats are reserved for current UF students.


Has <1 years experience.

4 months till June! :nailbiting:

The wait has been rough yet, it's also quite the nail-biter!