UDS required by TPAPN


I have just started with TPAPN and will be going for my initial UDS soon at Quest lab. How do I know if this will be supervised or not ?

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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Big Blondie, ASN, BSN, MSN, APRN

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I am a two time graduate of TPAPN and never had an observed urine at Quest where I did all my drug screens. I know a nurse that would go to another site (not Quest) and they observed  all tests. Likely you will be told at the time you sign in to Recovery Trek or whichever program they are using now. I was mortified at the idea, but really, if you have to just treat it like you are a patient, which you are.   You got this!


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I live in Texas and was in the TPAPN program(it was way back in 2002).and at that time they didn't.  I would have never been able to go with someone watching me.

Try not to let them intimidate you.  Just do what you got and you will be OK.


Kmrn65, RN

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I am in NC, and just entered the program so I haven't yet been selected for testing, but it is in my consent order and I was told by my CM at the BON that ALL random urine tests are to be observed by the collector.