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  1. Blood Tests Vault Health ( FSS )

    I was wondering how often nurses in NC ADP have been sent to submit blood? I have been in the program less than a year and have been sent twice.
  2. value out of range

    Hi, I have had one result that simply said " abnormal" , and it was the creatinine. I didn't know or understand what that meant or why it mattered, so I googled it. I guess fake urine has a different creatinine? Anyway, would have to be a Houdin...
  3. Direct Observation UDS

    In NC ALL urine tests are observed.
  4. Additional “Testing Fee” on drug test

    My bill last month was $428 , no warning:(
  5. Additional “Testing Fee” on drug test

    I can't make heads or tails of the fees and charges:( I am in NC and they use FS Solutions; now Vault Health, for testing, and there is no system for sending you an invoice or bill. You just get a surprise on the 13th of each month when they tak...
  6. I am in the NCBON alternative program too... in the process of reinstatement and ready to scream...:( I truly am thinking that I might rather work at Chic Filet than put myself through this! Congratulations on finishing!!
  7. How does random testing work if you are working?

    I; conveniently , and thankfully... live very close to the hospital and the testing site, so I usually leave on my lunch break and it is just understood by my supervisor that it is something I have to do..:(
  8. Leaving nursing

    I feel your pain:( I too am wondering the same thing. I am sober, and will stay that way but this monitoring program is expensive, and tough on me emotionally and psychologically. I am taking it one day at a time, but I have been in nu...
  9. Online AA for healthcare workers

    I really like the women in Healthcare meeting. It's Wednesday night at 10 east coast, 7 west.
  10. Missed check ins

    I didn't get in trouble, but I got slammed with 2 urine tests and a blood test since I missed the check ins:(
  11. OR in monitoring program

    And quite honestly, narcotics are given by the staff nurses on other units way more than in the OR. The anesthetist handles all the narcs in the OR. All I ever got out of the supply was B&O suppositories for a cysto, and as a scrub you ...
  12. OR in monitoring program

    Hi, thanks for reply... I know that I would slash my pay, but I'm thinking in terms of what would make me happiest, and most successful? I already have a job on another unit as soon as my license is reinstated, and working as a tele tech now unt...
  13. Missed check ins

    My Mom has been very sick with Covid and I missed checking in two days in a row. What do you think will happen?
  14. Recoverytrek option 2

    I have FSSolutions, and all of my tests are option 2 urine tests. My DOC is alcohol
  15. IPN Finally got my contract.

    I am in NC, and I have all of those same stipulations and I think those are pretty common:( I have submitted my re-entry/reinstatement packet and waiting to return to a nursing position, and will follow those same restrictions/requirements excep...