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Kmrn65 has 35 years experience as a RN.

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  1. Duke vs UNC vs UNC Rex

    I also worked at both Duke and UNC-CH. UNC is a much better culture, and the pay I was offered was substantially more than what I made at Duke!
  2. Prayer, I am so sorry you have to do that but I hope your test comes back soon!! Scarlett, if you get chosen for the like 2 urine tests/month the bill is usually around $87, but if you get blood tests it gets expensive. I have had one dilut...
  3. What else would I do?

    I feel your pain PD! I am going to be 57 next month, and I have said repeatedly that " this is what I am doing TODAY". I am not sure about tomorrow yet, and I am going to look for non nursing options for employment myself. For me it isn't a...
  4. TNPAP lie detector test?

    Seriously? A lie detector test?? Wow... I no words.
  5. I don't know about Michigan, I am I. NC but I am sorry that you are experiencing this. In NC the board stipulates that you can't work more than one job at a time, or any OT, etc. For the first year in the program nor as a traveler. I would ...
  6. Blood Tests Vault Health ( FSS )

    I was wondering how often nurses in NC ADP have been sent to submit blood? I have been in the program less than a year and have been sent twice.
  7. value out of range

    Hi, I have had one result that simply said " abnormal" , and it was the creatinine. I didn't know or understand what that meant or why it mattered, so I googled it. I guess fake urine has a different creatinine? Anyway, would have to be a Houdin...
  8. Direct Observation UDS

    In NC ALL urine tests are observed.
  9. Additional “Testing Fee” on drug test

    My bill last month was $428 , no warning:(
  10. Additional “Testing Fee” on drug test

    I can't make heads or tails of the fees and charges:( I am in NC and they use FS Solutions; now Vault Health, for testing, and there is no system for sending you an invoice or bill. You just get a surprise on the 13th of each month when they tak...
  11. I am in the NCBON alternative program too... in the process of reinstatement and ready to scream...:( I truly am thinking that I might rather work at Chic Filet than put myself through this! Congratulations on finishing!!
  12. How does random testing work if you are working?

    I; conveniently , and thankfully... live very close to the hospital and the testing site, so I usually leave on my lunch break and it is just understood by my supervisor that it is something I have to do..:(
  13. Leaving nursing

    I feel your pain:( I too am wondering the same thing. I am sober, and will stay that way but this monitoring program is expensive, and tough on me emotionally and psychologically. I am taking it one day at a time, but I have been in nu...
  14. Online AA for healthcare workers

    I really like the women in Healthcare meeting. It's Wednesday night at 10 east coast, 7 west.
  15. Missed check ins

    I didn't get in trouble, but I got slammed with 2 urine tests and a blood test since I missed the check ins:(

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