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Hello everyone!

Today, I received my 1st interview offer with the PICU and I was starting to give up on UCLA since I figured they were done interviewing their potential candidates. I am so excited for this opportunity! So I was wondering if anyone had more information or any advice they would be so willing to share with me in regard to the process? Any thoughts or advices will be very much appreciated. Thank you and congratulations to those of you who already received an offer!!! :)


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Thanks ;-):)


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Has anyone heard from ED Santa Monica?


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has anyone heard anythingg..? :unsure:


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Nah. I'm gonna try to wait patiently until the 3rd week before I call.


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I heard good news from HR and the PICU today! Good luck everybody! Stay hopeful and be patient. :)


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For those who got a job offer. Around what time of the day did they let you know? Just curious.


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I was called around 4.


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Did anyone hear form ER at RR?


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So I was offered a position yesterday.


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Has anyone from OR heard anything?


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hey guys. did anybody else interview for acute peds? i interviewed and got a request for references but havent heard after that. i'm losing my mind over here waiting.

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