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  1. UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    Hi Fcat! I'm not sure, but call HR and ask because I know the start date is April 6th for some units. Have you taken any NCLEX review courses?
  2. UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    Hey lagirl_1989! I applied twice to this residency. One time without a set NCLEX date/license and the second time with my license. I applied the first time while I was in school and nothing was really different about my application other than the fac...
  3. UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    I was called around 4.
  4. UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    I heard good news from HR and the PICU today! Good luck everybody! Stay hopeful and be patient. :)
  5. Cedars-Sinai New Grad Residency - March 2015

    Thanks for the update, ativanrn!
  6. UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    Double the good news! Hoping the best for the rest of us who are still waiting! :)
  7. UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    Thank you, jmarieRN! I was contacted for my references today!
  8. UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    They interviewed people 1 at a time. It seemed like as one person was going on a tour of the unit, another was being interviewed by the staff. It looked like they had a stack of resumes of people they were interviewing that day too so I'm not sure ho...
  9. UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    @hopefulrn4 no. I didn't receive an email about additional references. I have read in other forums that that was what other departments did in lieu of a second interview. I'm not sure if PICU will send out an email for references after the 2nd interv...
  10. UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    They asked me similar questions from the initial interview. It seemed like they were trying to get to know me and see if I would be a good fit and handle the stress.
  11. UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    I interviewed Dec. 3rd and 12th.
  12. UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    Hey @LA_gal and @shamu12! I did have a second interview with UCLA's PICU this past Friday. I wasn't given any info on when they would be making their decisions though. I've just been anxiously/patiently waiting.

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