UCI, HOAG & other OC hospitals' 2011 new grad programs

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I would like to start this thread about OC hospitals' 2011 New grad program. So far, I've only applied to CHOC and Saddleback Memorial. I've been checking HOAG & UCI Medical for their new grad programs but I seem to find no luck.

Does anyone know when UCI & Hoag will have their applications up?

I know HOAG has a January 2011 New grad program so I'm assuming they should be hiring for that program soon!

Thank you & Good luck fellow nurses!

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For Hoag, you're just supposed to check their jobs and apply for any that say "new grad". They haven't had any up in months, and I've been checking since May or so...

I've applied at CHOC twice now, and no luck either time... Last time they took applications (May?), they had over 1,000 applicants for 15 spots, and this time, it was probably even more....

Good luck!

Did either of you apply for the Jan program at Hoag? I could never find their new grad positions so I'm wondering if I just keep missing the application deadlines.

No, I have no idea either how we should go about applying. Let me know when you find out.

Does anyone know if there is a UCI RN new grad program for the coming year (2012)? I can't find anything on their website....

It's darn hard seeking new grad jobs. Nothing is posted. Nothing is out there at some of our most popular facilities.

It takes funds to hire and train new grads. This is one of the first programs to get cut when hospitals are hurting for money.

FYI. Hoag is in a financial nightmare right now. They poured bizilliions of dollars in their new hopsital Hoag Irvine and they can't even get a good census up for that huge facility. Its a well known money pit in the healthcare arena in OC. I'd stear from Hoag for now. They also laid off hundred of employees. Not good.

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Which state are we discussing?

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Which state are we discussing?

Southern California.

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Thank you

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