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Hey everyone! congrats to everyone who got in! I'm currently at FSU majoring in family and child life sciences but after I get my degree I am applying to the ucf bsn program! I've been reading that it is a lot harder to get in to the Orlando campus being a transfer. Anyone know if it makes any difference bc I will have already graduated and have a degree?


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Has anyone from the Orlando campus heard from the waitlist?


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please those who are already in the program, if you're still on waitlist for this year, should you still be positive abt getting into the program this year? Thank you

Hey guys, I’m applying to the UCF traditional BSN for fall 2021 at Daytona and Cocoa since I already have a different degree and am not eligible for main campus. I was wondering if anybody that is currently in those programs and give me some more information about the program and the area in general. I have to relocate for either so I’m really concerned because I know nothing about the area and just want to feel safe! I also can’t find anything online comparing the two programs so I want to know which would be a better fit for me. I previously graduated from FSU with 3.6 GPA and 85 TEAS. I’m really worried because this semester is supposedly the most competitive because there are sooo many applicants!