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  1. UNF Accelerated BSN 2021

    Hey girl! I would also be super happy to help! I’m currently in med surg clinical RN and just had hospice today! I’m absolutely LOVING this program and could not imagine being anywhere else. I love everybody I’ve met. The professors are amazing, the ...
  2. NSU Nova Southeastern ABSN Winter 2021

    Hey girl! Im actually going to unfs accelerated BSN program ? nova was too sketchy with their responses to me
  3. Nova Southeastern ABSN Fall 2021

    I applied a few months ago to the ft meyers ABSN as a backup and it was a really weird experience. They called, they were super nice. They said I look like an awesome candidate and my grades and scores were amazing. The lady told me to be prepared to...

    Okay I am soo sorry for all the questions BUT- I just got the books today and they all came with unused access codes which we need to use for courses (I think) Do you think we could use those access codes even though we rented them?
  5. UNF Accelerated BSN 2021

    I got into the accelerated cohort!! I am soo excited and anxious getting ready for everything. I just got my books for the classes TODAY. (I ordered them off amazon, I hope that is okay. They did ALL come with unused access codes but not sure I can u...

    Okay I just ordered my skills kit, rented my books off amazon, completed the BCH, VECHS, and Handbook forms, and planned a trip to come up to Jacksonville for uniforms and ID card. I need to sign a lease very very very soon ? are you waiting to log i...

    Thank you sm!! Did you get the APA handbook too?

    How much was it in total when you ordered your books from amazon? Definitely considering doing that.

    Ahhh so stressful. Do you live in jacksonville? Are you going to campus to get your ID?
  10. UNF ABSN/BSN FALL 2021

    Do we 10000% have to get our uniforms in person at patricks?? I have to make a trip up to jacksonville if we do ? I’m printing the handbook pages, VECHS waiver, and BCH photo release RN! Im also gonna order the books and skills nursing kit today too....
  11. UNF ABSN/BSN FALL 2021

    OMG yay! I heard it better to have a newer version and u need to out it on second hand setting! Okay good I’m glad!! Where r u guys startinng first with all this paperwork ?
  12. UNF ABSN/BSN FALL 2021

    Do you guys know if we can wear our apple watches ;( I just got one so recently and I love it but not sure if I’m allowed to wear it.
  13. UNF ABSN/BSN FALL 2021

    That is soo smart ? I would just do it?? I mean I THINK Dr.Dibble helps us out with making the FB group but maybe that would actually help her out? I’m sure she is sooo busy RN. I wonder if anybody has been pulled off the waitlist yet
  14. UWF Fall 2021 BSN

    Also update- I was accepted to UNF for accelerated BSN as well for Fall! I have a big decision to make but I am so so so happy.
  15. UNF Accelerated BSN 2021

    Hey guys not sure if any of you care but I was denied for Summer and accepted into APL for fall!! I had a feeling I would get in this time around because I felt much more relaxed during the interview! IM SO EXCITED TO START! How has your first semest...