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UC Health Nurse Residency July 2017



I am trying to see if I can withdraw my application, since I overlooked the "Resume" upload button and submitted my application without the actual file. It seems like I can't. Ughhhh! Any suggestions are appreciated.


don't withdraw! that way your application is still in there even if its incomplete. email Paul Lavine or the UCH nurse residency email and attach your supplement

Did anyone hear back yet? We are supposed to hear this week I think. I am intersted in all the hospitals and would most likely take any floor!

Have either of you heard back yet about interview status?

i got in interview for the pacu.

did anyone out there get an interview for the ER???

I applied and have not heard anything about it. Also, there did not seem to be anyone listed as interviewing for the ER in the Excel sheet. It makes me wonder if either there were no openings, or the ER interviews are somehow mentioned separately?

bwatson430 - Congrats on getting the interview! Is this for the Denver location? I applied to both Denver and Colorado Springs (CS). Heard from Denver but never from CS. Didn't get the interview for Denver and wondering if CS is still ongoing or they've just put me in Denver and took me off CS.

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My interview is for denver

Ah, okay. Best of luck on your interview!

I passed the HR, but wasn't called for an interview. Good luck everyone!! Please share your interview stories!

Got an interview for Colorado Springs for some of the adult medsurg floors!!! they said the interview is 15 minutes which is kind of incomprehensible to me but Ill take it. a trip to Colorado will be my NCLEX vacation I guess :p Anyone heard from UC North? Apparently thats the least competitive

Did you see anyone getting interviews in critical care units? I listed cardiac ICU and medical/surgical ICU as my top two, and I didn't get an interview. Wondering if people got interviews or if the unit was not hiring many new RNs.

Hi all,

I had my interview for UC North (Fort Collins) on the medical floor today! I think it went well. They said they will let us know at the latest June 26 and so I'm hoping they let me know before then. Everyone else who had an interview please comment here how it went :)

@eckesler ICU's are always the most competitive, especially for new grads. super hard to get an interview and then more difficult to even make the cut-seems ICUs are smaller and may not have as many openings. good luck!

@BekahDavis, BSN I have my interview for Colorado Springs tomorrow and Fort Collins on Friday! excited but no idea what they will ask in 15 minutes time? any advice would be much appreciated :)

UVMgrad17, hope your interviews went well! Sorry I wasn't able to share advice in time. I had a Colorado Springs one too and it was really fast! I think I'd prefer Fort Collins.

UVMgrad17, I tried to pm you back but it wouldn't let me because I don't have enough posts? So here's my reply:

Hey! I liked Poudre valley more honestly because the interviewers seemed more open than Co Springs, and we actually had a conversation. My impressions may have been because the Co Springs interview was so short though. I've also been to Fort Collins several times throughout college and really like the area, and going to Co Springs for the interview was the first time I've ever been. At Poudre I only interviewed for Medical, which is what I'm hoping to get. Not a big fan of surgical or other units but I would probably take it. How do you think your interviews went? I'm unsure since it's so competitive but I think they went well overall. I just enjoyed actually conversing with the Poudre people.

Hey! Congrats to those who got interviews and good luck!

I'm curious if you all could share a little more about your application, experience, GPA, whatever it was that you thought got you in. I also applied and didn't make it to an interview and as a new grad would like to know how to fix up my resume and application for future jobs.

Again, congrats! I hope you all get the jobs :)

Hello! My CS interview was also short but went pretty well. I liked how the hospital was big and busy, thats what I'm used to I guess. I hope to get surg/trauma there. I interviewed for

gen-surg at PV but that interview was so hard! They asked me some really tough questions I was not remotely prepared for and they gave me a code situation and I was nervous and didn't say start CPR...so needless to say that interview didn't go well. So I hope I have a chance at CS. Looks like they are interviewing so many candidates at both. I wasn't a fan of how small PV was, and that there RN to patient ratio is so high. How was the med interview, any tough questions? also just curious, why do you prefer Med over Surg?

I realized I have two allnurses accounts and signed into this one instead of the other oops! This is Bekah from few posts ago.

@UVMgrad--It's crazy; PV offered me a job on the Medical floor. I declined the offer because I got a job in Oregon that I decided to choose instead. I emailed the recruiter for PV asking about an update before I accepted the Oregon job, and then the next day she emailed me and offered it to me. Crazy.

That's cool! I think big hospitals are awesome too and there are so many learning opportunities. My PV interview was hard too! I also had several scenario questions and was wondering why the PV/CS interviews were so different. My PV interview was definitely tough. Several scernairo questions that I didn't expect. However I didn't think I did well with those questions and still got the job...so who knows. I thought I left out a lot from a few of my answers to those questions because I didn't always incorporate the nursing process. I usually just did the assessment part and sometimes interventions, so I was worried about that. I prefer Med because to me it's less predictable than surg which I could be wrong but I think there's more variety to learn and it's just more my style. I'm not a big fan of surgery in general so that may also be part of it. But since you're interested in surg/trauma that sounds very exciting :)

Also, @courtneymr: Those are some good questions I don't have an answer to! But I'll do my best :) I think maybe what may have got me in is the supplemental questions...I shared from my heart, was genuine and also tried to apply my answers to their mission statement and values. My GPA was 3.5ish, so not spectacular. I have no idea how much they weigh GPA. My experience...hmm I don't have long term CNA experience but I did work at a summer camp doing health stuff last summer. And I worked as an aide for a quadriplegic for a short time. As for fixing up your resume, I made sure my objective was clear and talked about how I wanted to learn and grow. I also included a section on my "Areas of Expertise" which is basically my strengths. I got that from a lady who used to hire nurses and who checked out my nursing class's resumes. And I also had a separate section for my senior preceptorship. Then I did my most relevant jobs to nursing, and a section for awards/scholarships and then an activities section. I don't know what UCHealth values most in the application process, so on my resume I included as much as I could to stand out when it came to scholarships (I included a few nursing scholarships I got) and some activities I did in college where I demonstrated leadership basically. So yeah. If you have any questions you can always pm me. I'm not an expert at all but I have applied to a lot of jobs so I've had practice, but I'm sure you have too :)

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