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UAMS Summer 2015

Anybody else applying or have already applied for the BSN program at UAMS this upcoming summer? Thought I'd start a thread for us to wait it out together and pass on any info!

Hi, I have applied to UAMS for this upcoming summer as well, I just have to take my TEAS test which I plan on taking sometime in January... Yikes!

Same here! I'm hoping to take mine before the Spring semester starts. Are you finished with your pre reqs?

Yes I'm done with all my pre reqs. I've been an LPN for almost 2 years come February and I'm just ready to get back in. What about you?

I still have a few to take in the Spring. Just ready to get them out of the way and (hopefully) start nursing school! Good luck on your TEAS and let me know how you do and if you hear anything from UAMS!

Thank you and I sure will. Good luck to you as well with your last pre reqs. You can do it & make it!!! :)

Well I took my TEAS yesterday. Didn't score as well as I'd hoped, but I feel a little better about it after reading the thread on here from last year though. Looks like it was about average. Now just to wait and hope to get that phone call for an interview! Have you taken yours yet?

Congratulations to you Hun! Praying for you & I just took mines & didn't score well! :( I'm trying not to be a big baby & look to take it again in February!! Do you have any study tips? What did you use to study??

What did you score if you don't mind me asking? If I'm not called for an interview by mid February I'll be taking it again also. I just used the ATI study manual and bought one of the online practice tests. The science is what killed me!

I scored a 57.3% horrible!!! I'm sure you'll get called & get in! Prayerfully we both make it! I have been using the ATI study manual as well. Did the online practice test you purchase seem to help you more along with the manual? I think my nerves are getting the best of me.

Well I only got a 70.7 so not much better! It helped in terms of knowing what to expect. I read a lot of people on here saying it was harder than the actual test but I scored higher on the practice test. You can also get the Mcgraw Hill app and quizlet to study on the go. Good luck on your next go around! I'm sure you'll get high enough to get in. You're already so close!

Awwww thanks, I will check those out & just study more. Girl you scored great!!! Yeah I've been reading too about the practice test being harder than the actual, but I will give it shot & keep you updated & you keep me updated as well!!!

Yes I'll definitely update! Hopefully next update will be good news for us both! :)

Update: I received an email today to schedule my interview! Finally things are moving along! How about you? Have you retaken your test yet, or still studying?

Congratulations girl!!!! :) I know you got it & I'm still studying! I'm thinking about taking it again on the 16th. I don't want to cut it too close. Just praying everything works out!

Thanks! The 16th gives you 2 weeks if you have to take it again, but I bet you pass this time!

Thanks, you know I will keep you updated! Taking a break now from studying as I type. Let me know how your interview goes and what all was asked lol whenever you have it! :)

Hi ladies, I am also applying to UAMS and I'm applying to UALR I have been on the fence where to go. I hear both are good school so when I get accepted I guess I will need to pick. I applied to UAMS today and I am taking the TEAS test on Feb.15. Good luck!!

Good luck to you also! UALR is my backup if I don't get into UAMS. Keep us updated on your scores and everything!


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