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U.S. Now Has the World's Largest Number of COVID Deaths


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Deaths from the Coronavirus reached at least 19,563 in the U.S. after New York reported 783 new fatalities, according to data compiled by Bloomberg News and Johns Hopkins University.

Many believe this high number is "linked to the failure to enact widespread measures like mass testing and social distancing early enough to prevent the virus from taking hold."

What do you think contributed to the U.S. having the highest number of deaths?

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The problem with the numbers here in the US is that the math is flawed by leaving out a huge segment of the equation. There is no denying that Covid 19 is terribly serious but it may not be as serious as current reports would indicate. You see current US statistics are based on the number of confirmed cases (Those tested) and how many of the patients die. By and large the only people being routinely tested are those who end up at the hospital leaving out those with asymptomatic and mild cases that do not require hospitalization. Logic dictates if one is sick enough to be in the hospital then they are sick enough to succumb to the disease. Most likely there are hundreds thousands of people who were either asymptomatic or were never sick enough to believe they had anything more than the seasonal flu. If you could accurately gather that statistic the death rate drops exponentially and brings the US more in line with other countries when adjusted for population density.

I found an article that discusses the mathematics involved - it's not the type of vetted source I usually use but the mathematical principals are sound.

Again this is a terrible pandemic that will likely cause many more deaths for years to come which is why it is important to practice heightened awareness in the form of face coverings and social distancing, and for the love of all that's holy please stop wearing gloves in the grocery store!


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What do you think contributed to the U.S. having the highest number of deaths?


Because of that. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

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Look at countries like South Korea and etc who handled it well. It's too bad we did not do enough testing.