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Hello everyone. I am applying to the U of A MEPN program this fall for a May 2022 start. I'm super nervous and excited. Anyone else? I have not taken the HESI yet but will be doing so toward the end of Nov. Any advice?


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Hello. I am also applying to the UA MEPN program this year. I was nervous and anxious as well and to some extent I still am. I have already taken the HESI I am just waiting on the program to open up the application. My advice for the HESI is to make sure you study multiple sources for Biology. Have you heard anything else about the program? I have been reading past forums and I have discovered that at the end of the program you do not receive a MSN degree but a MS-RN degree. I am trying to find more information about the MS-RN degree but I am coming up short.  

Submitted my application today!

 NurseHub helped me get a 95 on my HESI. Definitely take your time, could have scored higher if not for being fatigued. Reading Comprehension was a bit harder for me due to the longish passages and being brain dead at that point, it was my last section and also the one I did most poorly in (86). Take your hardest section first and easiest sections last (for me that was Math and Biology), which I took first and second. Also take the breaks they offer during the exam, I didn't because I was anxious but I should have had recuperated a bit.


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I also used Nursehub to study for the HESI. I got a 86 on the test. I did really well in Math, Reading Comprehension, and Vocabulary but I didn't do so well in Biology. I was thinking about retaking the test but I won't have time. So, I hope my 86 can get me in the program. I took my easiest subjects first and left my hardest subjects for last. I did it this way so that I could have more time for my hardest subjects. I took Reading Comprehension last and Biology before Reading Comprehension. I'm thinking now I should have left Biology for the very last. I didn't take any breaks in between exams either which is probably why I got a bad score in Biology and I was restless towards the end. But fingers crossed!

Hi everyone! 

I am a current MEPN student, I just wanted to drop by and say Hi. I remember how much this website helped me during my application process and onboarding. If you guys have any questions feel free to reach out! I'll do my best to answer questions as much as possible, we are super busy right now. 

Good luck to you all! 

What school is UA? Arizona? Alabama? 

It's Arizona. 


Does anyone know if an individual anatomy class and an individual physiology class alongside respective labs would satisfy the Anatomy & Physiology requirement?

@smallspatula Yes, I think that works! Do you have 8 total credits of anatomy and physiology?

I'm also applying this year and am very anxious!! Best advice for the HESI is practice problems, practice problems, practice problems!! I ended up with a 97% cumulative.

@smallspatula - Maybe contact the admissions office - they have a list of all AZ schools and the course equivalents they accept - and out of state ones too, if they've ever been requested before. - Best not to take chances, imo

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What school is UA? Arizona? Alabama? 

University of Arizona.  And MEPN is Master's Entry to the Profession of Nursing - for non-nurses w/ bachelors in other fields.  After the 15 mo. program you graduate w/ a nursing Masters. 

Have any applicants taken Patho yet? I know it's not required for U of A MEPN, but it is for ASU's program, so I'm planning to take it in the Spring while I wait to hear on acceptances. I also have potentially far-fetched hopes that it would make the first semester at U of A slightly less stressful if I've already taken pathophys once...