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I'm 58 this year and I have all my prereqs done but at this point in life I wonder if RN is really reasonable. I will have to stop working to get my ADN and I've been working as a phlebotomist for a major health care association for a year now and building up seniority and getting paid pretty well. So I'm thinking LPN is more reasonable as I can do that in evening class. I am looking at nursing because I love the patient contact, making a difference, and giving back. Were I younger I would have loved to become either an NP, PA or MD. At this point I''m looking for something to feed my soul, something to challenge me, and something as recession proof as possible.

I say you go for what you want! Your age doesn't matter! It's how you feel and what you feel you can do! I had people in my BSN class that ranged from just out of high school to those who had their own children in college. Just like the ages ranged, so did how well they did. There were many that were younger that didn't make it to the end, but all the older students I can think of made it to graduation with me! Good luck with whatever you decide on!

update from May 2020, ADN achieved.

Specializes in Quality Management.
Specializes in Quality Management.

You did good! 2 yrs later since post you accomplished what you wanted to do. Haha OK now get those resumes out! Welcome to nursing

Very inspirational! Congratulations!

Many people who are older students interested in the nursing field come on this site looking for advice for your same exact situation. This just goes to show to pursue your dream at whatever age. It can be done! CONGRATS!!

Took NCLEX 2 days ago. Looks like I'm an RN. Working as a nursing assistant and putting out resumes in COVID era, I'm not expecting a whole lot. Happy to have a job and insurance.

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