Type A personality, recently accepted in Nursing school, and anxiety

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I've made all As in my Pre-Nursing prerequisites, I'm approaching my 2nd year since becoming a CNA, I've received my acceptance letter, and attended my Nursing orientation. Over the past few weeks, I've received my textbook list and Fall 2012 schedule; in addition to the compulsive need to watch every preparatory nursing video there is! Could there be a way to help ease all of the anxiety and tension?


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Nah, not really.


I just deal with it and use it as motivation.

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I have done more or less exactly what you described. Best thing you can do is focus on something else, since you will have plenty to keep that type-a busy once class starts. I know, I am having a hard time doing that too. :rotfl:

Congrats! You've worked hard and have been accepted. Now you've identified a problem - your anxiety. You need to think about where your anxiety is coming from and what you can do to lessen it. If your anxiety is doubt about the future, and by your post it seems to be, is it because of a deficit in knowledge or skills?

For knowledge, look at your syllabus and read up on: 1. What you feel you lack knowledge on or 2. the upcoming classroom lectures - read ahead and answer the questions at the end of the chapter. At this point, I'd just read it. Your instructors will decide which parts they want to emphasize, so just familiarize yourself with the material.

You work as a CNA, so there should be at least a few Nurses that can offer up advise and clarify subjects for you. Proviso #1. Keep in mind that the book answer and real world answer are often close to being, but not quite the same. For school, you need to learn the book answers.

For skills, watch the videos. Ask the Nurses at work to let you watch while they preform tasks. Ask questions. Remember Proviso #1.

Keep in mind that physical exertion will help also. Walk the dog, jog, ride a bike, go for a swim, vacuum the rug.

Once you've taken action you anxiety level should go down. Good luck!

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Nah, not really.


Ten points for honesty LOL...but really, learning to relax is a great advise....though I have to say, I did not do so well with this myself....LOL

Since you know your personality is like this, make sure you set aside time to break from the grind and anxiety of nursing school. Like, if you know you have a test coming up, study for a few days beforehand AND plan a night to spend with friends/loved ones like a movie, a poker night, going to the beach or mountains. SOMETHING. It gives you some relaxation time and this will enhance your ability to retain the info you already studied. Plus afterward when you get back to studying, you will probably realize you remember a lot more.

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The way I picture it is if your worried or anxious then you are going to do well. I see it that way because if you worry about the outcome of something in this case it would be you performance in nursing school then your going to make sure you do everthing to the best of your ability. I'm in the same boat as you and I'm oh so ready to just start already but I'm also scared how hard its gonna be but hey the harder the better nurse I will be right?But anyway to answer your posting question :-) I'm just relaxing with friends and family, reading through the books I already bought, shopping for more nursing school items I need, sleeping as much as I could, and bascially trying to not worry about nursing as best I could.Good luck my fellow nursing students ;D

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