TWU Pathophysiology 4344 Online?

by dnw06 dnw06 Member

I am applying to TWU's nursing program for Spring 2016 admission and I will be taking patho this fall. I am currently signed up for the on campus section at the Dallas campus. I would like to get into the online section if there are any spots available but wasn't sure, due to the nature of this class, if it would be better to do the on campus section? I will be working full time so not missing work once a week would be ideal.




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Definitely take it online if you can! I'm a TWU student as well and most people I know stopped going to that class on campus because it was that unhelpful. I took it online and I'm glad I did because it's one less class to have to make time for that first semester! You are smart to do it before starting your first semester because that will greatly help you out time wise. Good luck!