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Twin Cities wages for staff RN in long term care

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Does anyone have an idea of what the typical hourly wage in the Twin Cities would be for a Staff RN in LTC or Transitional care?

There are several websites that supposedly give the salary range, but they seem to be much higher than the wage at one facility that I interviewed with.

Thanks for any info! :nuke:



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One Twin Cities LTC facility pays about $23.50 an hour for an RN with 5 years experience. Shift pay is $1.00 extra per hour for second shift and $1.50 extra for third shift.



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My scale runs 21.95 - 28.94 and is DOE.


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I'm making 22.07/hr with 1.00 shift differencial for pms and 2.00 for nocs. I am a new grad.

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