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Can someone tell me whether as a new nursing student I am better off getting a single tubed stethoscope or should I just get the Littman single tubed one?



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Hi Kim,

I say invest the extra money and buy a Littmann Classic II S.E.-- They run about $60 but are well worth it! The quality of this scope is far better than the 2 tube sprague type scope!

Good Luck with your studies!

Kelly :)

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I agree with kaknurse. The single-tubed stethoscope is easier to hear with and lighter when hanging around your neck, too. Buy yourself an inexpensive Littman (well, inexpensive at least for Littman).

The Sprague 2 tube gave me neck aches because of the weight. I have had a single tube Littman for years and would not buy any other...my opinion.

I have been checking website for pricing of littmann stethoscope. I found a website that has littmann scopes for $33.95 plus $7.95 for the shipping and handling. For those that are interested the website is www.estethoscope.com

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Brown suga is right www.estethoscope.com is the cheapest place to get a littman. The 33.95 scope is a select or light weight, My personal opinion is that they are OK but the best general scope to get would the the Littman Classic II SE.

Good luck!

Kelly :)

i agree with who ever it was that said to buy the littman classic II se it is the best bet when it comes to value. The one that someone mentioned that cost $30 dollars is really more suited for a cna it is good for blood pressures. When you are in nursing school you are going to need a stethoscope that is good for breath sounds and heart sounds the classic II is ideal for these areas of care. :p

yep. Trash the double tube - they suck!! Get the Littman. I used the cardiology II in school and it worked great. you can get a cheap one on ebay.com also. Probably less than estethescopes.


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