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trying to get my first RN position at the VA and i need help!

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Hello people. It's basically my goal in life to work at a VA or on a military base as an RN! I just recently graduated and I took the NCLEX (just waiting on the results, but I got the "good" popup..). I am trying to find a position at the VA. I have applied to several new grad positions. And RN positions (though I keep getting rejected as I don't have a license yet, which I anticipate will continue to happen until I can check that box, but the BRN is taking forever). I have no problem with moving across the country (currently in CA). All the VA nurses I have talked to, just say to be patient and keep applying. Which would be fine if I wasn't dangerously close to being flat broke. Does anyone have any pointers on speeding up the process? Or getting an interview? I have tried contacting HR people directly, but has not gotten me far... I'm just feeling a little discouraged from the rejection letters, and hearing that getting hired with the VA takes a long time.

Try a north Dakota VA hospital :-) gradation nursing school there and jobs are open everywhere! They're practically begging to hire people!


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The pace of the VA doing ANYTHING, especially with HR stuff, makes glaciers look mind-blowingly fast so if you need a job in a hurry, the VA isn't where you want to be...

thanks!! i'll definitely look at that state.

and chohiba, yeah that's what i hear. but i feel bad applying for jobs at other hospitals when i have no intention of staying there.. but you may be right.

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