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Trying to figure out what the Board of Nursing does for students


Exact question is:1. What is the function of the Oklahoma Board ofNursing (OBN) as it pertains to students?

The only thing I can come up with is they regulate the educational programs? There is really no direct function on students.

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State BONs grant approval for nursing programs to operate within a particular state. State BONs also sanction nursing programs, such as placing them on warning status or probation if the first-time NCLEX pass rates are low for several years in a row.

Moreover, state BONs have the power to revoke a school's privilege to operate a nursing program, thereby forcing the nursing program to cease operations and close.

Esme12, ASN, BSN, RN

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What they do for you is set your scope of practice and standards of care to guide you through your practice of nursing.


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Did you even look up your nurse practice acts for your state? There will be a specific section on what their function over nursing schools is. Looks like someone already googled it for you and you got a direct answer from another poster. Im am truly not trying to be rude, but honestly, when you get homework you should try to find the answer first before asking other people to find the answer for you. This will help you throughout your entire program.

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they determine who can, and cannot, be licensed in that state