Trump's Doomsday Cult Changed the Date


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Trump's Doomsday cult changed the date to December.  Hint, Trump Supporters, Dear Leader wants more of your money.  Dear Leader knows, that you don't know or understand the US Constitution.   Thus, Dear Leader knows you believe he will be reinstated!-There is no such thing, Trump supporters, no such thing:

Mike Lindell, still in Trump's good graces, has new prediction: reinstatement by New Year's |

And for those Trump supporters who keep trying to make it seem like the LOSER of the election in 2020, Trump, should not be talked about... tell that to FOX Noise....:

Trump says he’s made a decision on whether to run in 2024 (

And even if Trump chooses not to run, we know that Trump will continue to interfere with our American politics, Trump will continue to be the leader of the GQP, and Trump will continue to be the Fuhrer to the white nationalist movement, where he will continue to give rise to the actions of hate groups around our country.  This is the reason, Trump supporters, the rest of us will continue to speak up and fight back against Trump and Trumpism.

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What is it now, like the 3rd or 4th date Mike Lindell has claimed Trump will be reinstated or the world will come to an end?  This just reminds me of the old Peanuts bit where Lucy keeps holding the football for Charlie Brown to kick, and she always pulls the ball away at the last minute.

I agree.  Trumpism is a clear and present danger made worse by cowardly and morally bankrupt Republican functionaries like Kevin McCarthy. 

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