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is it true that even no local board exam only passing nclex can do in canada/us?



i am a fresh nursing graduates in the Philippines a 31 years old female and i want to work in Canada as a nurse or in US. Can you tell me what would be the best step for me to take, because I've heard that even without taking a local board exam only NCLEX would do. Please I need a lot of help. Thanks.

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I expect Canada to require a local license when applying for registration. US well the states vary to which require or don't require local license. With the wait for registration and immigration better to sit the exam and gain work experience

What province in Canada do you intend to work? If in BC you can check the CRNBC website for information on IEN. NCLEX Canada will rollover by January 2015 and even if you have nclex registration its not automatic that you'll be recognize. You have to comply or fulfill the CRNBC requirements first and sad to say its a long process.

If in the US, what sort of work visa (not a tourist visa) or SS# that's work authorized will you be able to provide to some of the US state's BON's?

While some may allow you to apply and even pass the NCLEX-RN, without having the proper legal documentation, any US employer will not be able to hire you legally. You'll be a nurse with a possible RN license (some states will not release the license even after passing) and nowhere to go (job-wise).

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