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Hey guys! I'm feeling pretty defeated after working so hard to maintain a job through nursing school while juggling my responsibilities outside of school, being broke while in school, and sacrificing so much to get to this point, to only feel like I'm being held back by the job that I hoped would give me a leg up in getting an RN position after completing school. I was led to believe that an RN position would be available to me once I finished school. Yet, for reasons beyond anyone, there are no RN positions available on the unit. That's fine with me, however, because I have already accepted a position with a different unit. The problem is that my unit will not transfer me from the pct position to the RN position on the other unit because I have four shifts in the schedule for the next month. Has anyone else had to deal with something like this? Im upset because I would like to begin my career, and begin orientation. But alas, I have to remain a pct for another MONTH to finish four shifts! I don't understand why I cannot just be transferred to the other unit. I'm bummed. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated :)


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I would check with hr. At my hospital once you are licensed as RN you no longer able to stay in a pct job.


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I've heard that before. I'll have to ask about that. Thanks!


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Lots of facilities have a policy that, if you're transferring to another unit, you can't move until you've completed the current schedule. I know this is v. frustrating now, but, in the long run, it will be just a tiny speed bump in your career. Best wishes!


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I wouldn't stress it you got the position. Just finish out and let your name remain in good graces on that floor. You never know if you will have the opportunity to return to the floor you are currently on, but if you leave on bad terms or before completing what you were assigned to, it may come back to bite you. IJS

Congrats on securing a position though!

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